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FAP Turbo Demo/ Test (By TNFT)

Gain : +120.86%
Drawdown 22.90%
Pips: 2228.1
Trades 1813
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

FAP Turbo Demo/ Test Discussion

pc8multifx (pc8multifx)
Sep 14 2010 at 14:54
879 posts
A verrrry expensive hobby for most of them...

Aimak (Aimak)
Sep 14 2010 at 15:00
149 posts
many hobbies are time-wasters. Others are money-wasters... forex can be both... so double the fun! 😎

exquisite entries with calculated exits
Sep 15 2010 at 13:53
4 posts
Interesting recent comments. I wonder if this is a time wasting, money wasting hobby, then why are some many people are into it???

Personally I am willing to put the time and effort (years if I must) to turn this into a successful hobby/ future long term career as I can see the potential with forex trading above other forms of investment.

stevetrade (stevetrade)
Sep 15 2010 at 13:58
1408 posts
So many people are into it exactly because it promises the kind of income most people dream of.
Unfortunately the attrition rate is about 95% but if you've got the persistence to make it then it is worthwhile.
I wish you the best of luck with it!

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