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Forex Flex EA Acct4 (By forexfbi )

Gain : +11426.09%
Drawdown 50.07%
Pips: 2460.9
Trades 780
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Unknown

Forex Flex EA Acct4 Discussion

leeb77 (leeb77)
Mar 10 2016 at 14:17
39 posts
I know its the default settings but is it latest v3.x version? Thanks

Mar 26 2016 at 20:54
11 posts
What Strategy did you set? Thanks

Serg987 (Serg987)
May 04 2016 at 12:54
13 posts
Which settings and the version here works ??? Because it does not coincide with the transactions on another monitor with the same strategy. There's a huge drawdown on the USDCAD pair, and then the two transactions were closed yesterday with a profit. What is the difference???

May 05 2016 at 12:51
9 posts
May 07 2016 at 09:55
20 posts
FXtrader2010 posted:
The halfgrid is the only strategy that works with this EA.

Words of wisdom gained from 5 years experience. Many thanks @FXtrader2010 .

As a result of this comment I have trialed half-grid and am now trading it live. It isn't as spectacular as some but it is steady and has a low DD. But the secret is in the settings, so my suggestion with anyone trading any of the FFEA strategies, is to check the outcome of your settings in a demo account and make sure it is what you expect, before going live.

Only do, or don't. There is no try.
Jul 01 2016 at 07:02
1 posts
Hi guys, any one still using this system with consistent profits? please let me know interested.

Nov 24 2016 at 15:26
9 posts
I backtested at 99.90% quality on GBPUSD in 'halfgrid' mode : crashed just as the other modes

fxkassas (fxkassas)
Jun 04 2017 at 07:13
1 posts
i went through all the comment lol
the question is :
IF this robot works great under a specific settings that everybody is looking for, SO why the CREATOR does not provide them?
SINCE he made it by his hands, he should know the good and the bad.
Its really confusing SINCE the guys that works good for them are not concerned to check for reviews 😎😎
Some other guys loose and give it up, no second test no reviewing.
i want to see a place where everyone is sharing honestly bad or good.
what i see now is a lot of bad from the guys that lost (and they are the guys that appear all the time after natural feeling of revenge) and some defense from the vendor side (i may be wrong but i smell that the vendor is here lol).
To sum up do not buy unless if you spent at least 15 hours of reviewing, by the end if you convinced investment is all about risk, take the risk to test it yourself, if it work fine, if not you have tried you could be right.
BUT if it works great dont forget to review(remember the guys that works great for them never review lol).

kbranchfunds (kbranchfunds)
Jul 02 2017 at 06:51
5 posts
Anyone here still using the half-grid settings? Is it still profitable?

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