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Forex Growth Bot

Gain : +2644.71%
Drawdown 94.46%
Pips: 8075.5
Trades 2881
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Forex Growth Bot Discussion

Jun 13 2012 at 14:41
66 posts

   stevetrade posted:
   It's had bad runs before. It will recover.

What I am more concerned about is receiving FGB emails promoting FX Phantom which on first inspections seems to be an appalling EA that is happy to risk massive drawdowns in order to win a handful of pips just to push up the win rate - a losing strategy if ever I saw one.

i agree Will is promoting other EA's that really have no footing and loosing credibility.

Jun 13 2012 at 21:17
1 posts

Do someone test the wave trailing and know how it's worked?


Jun 14 2012 at 14:35
14 posts
ea are all rubbish. this ea is back to where balance was in January. 6 months for nothing.
I moved to better managed account in
no hassle updates, VPS all this crap.
Im done with EA, complete waste time.

Steve B (stevetrade)
Jun 14 2012 at 14:44
1408 posts
Wow, I'll take a managed account that has one month of performance over FGB's 19 months of performance any day!

Jun 14 2012 at 14:51
14 posts
no i was in trading room with them for 2 months before managed account start so i know what they can do. the man account is new but system not
problem with growthbot is the return is half the risk (DD is 30% and Return 15% month)
So recovery period is tooooooo long :):)

the manage account make X3-5 of risk (30+% versus DD 10%)

so recovery factor quick.
besides I cant stay with a robot that not made any money in 6 months, its ridiculous

Jun 14 2012 at 15:09
272 posts
Steve, I guess you meant it with sarcasm. Indeed, one month tells nothing about a strategy long-term survival. But hack they got backtests! Though you have no idea what is running on the mam account as far as backtest.

Steve B (stevetrade)
Jun 14 2012 at 15:17
1408 posts
As was pointed out recently, the lot size was recently increased from 0.15 to 0.20 on this account. That makes the recent losses look far worse than they are. It was just bad timing. I still believe this EA will return to winning form.

Jun 14 2012 at 15:22
14 posts
the MaM is manual trading, not from the bot systems. It trades from the room they call.

I hope it works out Steve, I admire your faith and persistence in FGB.
For me, I off. I just cant suffer losing 6 months of gain in a DD.

Adios Amigos

Jun 14 2012 at 15:41
25 posts

i hope you do well with that service. However i do have to say if you are expecting returns in a straight line with no setbacks for new advances you might be heading off for a new disappointment.

Quite frankly i see a support ascending line in Growthbot. In any system with some risk (even in bonds) you have reductions before new advances. You can take advantage of bottoms for new investments or 'buy and hold' and just ride the long term curve. Anyway i would be very surprised if you dont get the same kind of effect (return back in time, zeroing profit before a new advance) with any service, manual or automatic.

Jun 15 2012 at 10:14
14 posts
hi bladerunner,
of course everything is not straight up.
FGB relies on trend continuation for profit, without this condition, it fails.
It is not robust enough to cope in a range market.
I dont like the idea of keeping it on just because its 'overdue' a winner. Market doesnt care if FGB is due a winner.

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