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ForexFortune® v2.86e (By danielvc)

Gain : +541.35%
Drawdown 16.18%
Pips: 3370.0
Trades 1926
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

ForexFortune® v2.86e Discussion

danielvc (danielvc)
Jul 22 2010 at 13:13
50 posts
Hi Speki,

Unfortunatelly, I've got bad trades between Feb and March 2010 on EURCHF (real accounts), but now all is ok and recuperated. About those accounts, I don't have the credentials long time ago.

Just for you know, the EA works very very fine without trend (better than with trend)

About the comment 'how the EA survived when the SNB was on the bid this year? :) ' I didn't understand you.. can you explain better, please.

Best regards,

stevetrade (stevetrade)
Jul 22 2010 at 13:26
1408 posts
I think he means Swiss National Bank and my guess is he might be referring to the way they sometimes peg it to the Euro, it was especially apparent during the Greek banking crisis.

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compuforexpamm (compuforexpamm)
Jul 22 2010 at 13:39
265 posts

danielvc posted:
    Hi Kenny..

The diference is that I believe that you tried Tadawul with a terrible EA, not with mine. I have been testing my EA in many brokers and the results are almost the same. Ofcourse, there are those brokers wich EA works more than others (does more trades)...

Best regards,

Dan, you are quite turns out it was a crap EA. Did a stirling performance with the tadawful demo account tho.......

Need I say more?

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danielvc (danielvc)
Jul 22 2010 at 14:26
50 posts

stevetrade posted:
danielvc posted:
    Hi Steve, thank you for your post..

You are almost right. This afirmation: 'most scalping EA's that work on demo accounts struggle on a live account.' is right in most of situations, but not in mine.

I have real accounts running just this EA for me (actually I am analist of systems from a company here in Brazil, so I don't have time to do trades since March 2010). This accounts are mine and from my friends here of the company.

I am trader since 2006 and I know what you are talking about, and I agree.

Well, why don't I put the REAL results here?
The answers is a quite simple: What guaranty do I have that are theren't system that does copies of orders here?
Is really complicated.. As you know, this system (MyFxBook) connect on our broker with our password to verify each trades and validate it. So I preffer leaves my real accounts far away from this kind of systems.

Best regards,

Results are at best sent every 5 minutes. You can set the system up to only post your results every hour should you wish it. Certainly long enough to ensure nobody on MyFxBook can benefit from your live trades.

I agree that technically it is possible that MyFxBook could use our investor passwords to copy our trades, the thought had occurred to me - although to be honest I think MyFxBook actually deserve to profit considering the level of service they provide us for free. I think the way to look at it is like this. If you make 100 additional sales due to having a live account on here and one person copies your signals then it's a win win.

By the way, your link doesn't work.

There arent any problem to use our account signals for their beneficts, however, we would be advised or contacted by MyFxBook.

About the link.. is complicated to open a company in USA, I am in Brazil, so, it's a little bit complicated to open a company there and sell eas or signals.

I am thinking some day manage accounts using my EAs. I was testing Zulutrade, but once I put my EA signal there, but the result is totally different from my account, and with money we can't play.. MOney is money e we must respect each cent that we gain.

About the crisis, it didn't affect my EA results totally. Did I get bad trades on that period? Yes, I did, but in this market we must be prepared to gain and to lose,..

I know that my EA can loss a month, but my EA can win another 11 months.. in other words, in long term my EA is profitable and we must think this way.. not just gain 100% in 1 month, but gain between 5/15% monthly with consistence.

Jul 22 2010 at 16:10
735 posts
Yes exactly, the SNB intervened on EURCHF a couple times this year /feb 5, apr 1, may 19../ causing lovely spikes. Glad you used stops right? :) I'll miss Mr. Hildebrand, he knew how the west was won. (Rumor has it, the interventions costed too much without lasting effect, so he must go)

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leozdnbr (leozdnbr)
Jan 08 2011 at 22:03
27 posts
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