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FXCH - Demo - FAP Turbo (By FAST_4x)

Gain : +100193.28%
Drawdown 54.71%
Pips: 2476.0
Trades 611
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

FXCH - Demo - FAP Turbo Discussion

Nov 12 2009 at 11:39
19 posts

FAST_4x posted:
    A lot of people have been asking me for my settings for my results. Basically FXCH demo results is not to be trusted. I'm assuming you have FAP Turbo and can read this post:

and you'll notice all my accounts lost big this Monday. More realistic results are my other 3 demo accounts all using the same settings.
I thought JadeFX and FXCBS would do well but I guess

I have 5 different settings I was using for version 47 and just changed to version 48 with 5 new settings this past weekend. I can give them to you if you still want them but again don't expect the same results on any Live account. But if you ask me, you can probably do better....


Hi Alex,
I just bought FAP TURBO a week ago. Still testing using demos. Hope you can share your setting. This will give me starting point as reference. After lots of reading, I do know live account result is very different to the demo account. So I'm not really having high hopes but just need to get started somewhere.


kesterkho (kesterkho)
Nov 27 2009 at 02:13
1 posts
hi all... i bought an EA called ivybot... anyone heard of that before? i tried for weeks with my both live and demo account all end up hitting stop lose alot more than profit taking.... i setted up according to the user manual that was provided by them... they never teach me on setting on my own parameter or what... i am here to seek for advise from you all for advise... if we do to set own parameter... Can you please advise as where should i get the parameter from or what should i do because i am still very new in FOREX.... Thank you...


dmoser71 (dmoser71)
Nov 27 2009 at 03:03
10 posts
I bought it and returned it in about 30 days because it really did not meet my expectations! It seldom trades and when it does, the entries are less than spectacular. I think that this robot has been over optimized to past data and performs poorly in live environments. Just my 2 pips.

dmoser71 (dmoser71)
Nov 27 2009 at 03:06
10 posts
Fast_4x, in order to keep this demo realistic, you should set your max lot size to 50 lots. Most brokers cannot fill more than 50 at a time anyways, and many won't guarantee fills at quoted prices with more than 20 lots!! Then, your demo will be capped out at maximum realistic lot sizing. Food for thought.

Nov 26 2010 at 16:37
3 posts

dmoser71 posted:
    FAP Turbo and Megadroid have been consistent performers for me on live accounts. It is more difficult to get the same profit, because on demo, there are no requotes and no slippage. On live, for example, with, I got filled 2.2 pips worse than the identical trade at the identical moment on their demo account. This is part of the issue. I have since reigned in slippage from 3 to 2 to filter out some of the games brokers play. I'd rather wait for a good entry with good execution than to take a risk on a good entry with bad execution. In 6 months, I have doubled a live account using these two EAs, using responsible risk management. I recommend Advanced Droid Tactics for Megadroid, and also FAP Turbo expert guide for FAP Turbo. Both these guides have provided me with insight and solid information on how to get the most out of these EAs.

hello 4x, i just bought FAPturbo & testing at demo account in 3 week. i'm planning to use with my real fxpro account but i scared to see the result in demo account. no so good. what your suggestion? can u help me

Benjamin Nathan
Jan 04 2012 at 10:54
73 posts
Im having good results with v52 so far. Early days but check out my results so far. Drawdowns can be high though - Fridays seem to be a struggle for Fap... there will be drawdown over the weekend and when the markets reopen it can go topsy turvy but it seems to pick itself back up. Im skeptical about all EAs but it shows promise so far

Jan 05 2012 at 06:10
390 posts

Do You know that the FXCH is good for JUST demo account?. If you open real account they cheat you.


If you buy any pairs, the price goes down about 12 pips, If you sell any pairs, the price goes up about 12 pairs.
I have tested with my real money twice and lost a couple thousand dollars. I have wired my fund to HSBC bank in Hong Kong, China when I open an account.

How they do that? They install the Virtual Trading Desk software. some scam brokerage firm install that software.
when they cheat 1 or 2 pips it's hard to figure it out when market move fast

Did you open your real account in FXCH?
If your EA work just like or close to your demo account results, It's a miracle

Believe me.
Happy New Year

Apr 06 2012 at 08:34
2 posts
Still running this and enhanced model. Looks great!

Happy eastern/ T trader

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