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GPS Robot FxChoice 100k (By ForexMark)

Gain : +561.08%
Drawdown 37.70%
Pips: 306.8
Trades 495
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

GPS Robot FxChoice 100k Discussion

ForexMark (ForexMark)
Oct 11 2018 at 10:50
268 posts
tankabott posted:
I have been reading this thread


 Don't understand why you do all of this, maybe you are competitor who can't provide stable results or just angry user who like to be a scammer. We have huge number of users who have very impressive results on the long term and all of them happy to use GPS Robot and even make purchases of more licenses. I will not waste my time to answer on you message again. I will just make repost. But this is last warning for you. I will send a word to MyFxBook administration to block all your multiply accounts, your ip and delete untruth blames! You even can't check into account our tests on more than 30 brokerages which we made during many months and on all of them we got very similar results! Moreover just make purchase of GPS Robot and use it with default settings during one year and you will see how stable and profitable it is.

It seems that you are completely not understand the essence of the strategy. In a few words robot generates huge number of profitable trades with average win in almost 6 pips concretely for this account and it's only on EURUSD pair. Loss trade happens very rarely because should be strong downward trend for example because of some news. Last strong downward trend on this account was 50 profitable trades ago. So in average robot generated near 300 pips and got only one loss in near 80-90 pips. Even without recovery trade it's still profitable and stable. Moreover we have accounts and users since 2009 who still use GPS Robot for their trading and they make withdrawals every one - two months. Betatesters even early. It's almost 10 years and like a professional with more than 20 years of trading experience I can tell you that we can't talking about luck here.

Moreover you trying to say something about system only by using one single statement on which we have agreements with investors and we can't control it on 100%. After reaching of some profits values were discussed to decrease number of trades and generate with big deposit big profits but with few trades. So because of that GPS Robot generates big profits but only with several trades on this account. To check other accounts with other small and big deposits please check our website:

Concerning your thoughts about me and my pants, please don't tell me such things because it's just insults. In the future I recommend you not talking in this way with users because it's just impolite and you can be just banned on myfxbook.

What about trade which you checked. I completely not understand why you talking about value here. You show 100k but it was near 97k moreover current deposit was almost 500k. So if you will have bigger deposit it will be more or less with smaller deposit. It's incorrect to compare value here it should be % always. You just try to stretch it.

Concerning your other questions check my previous post.

So now I hope you understand the essence. But if be honest with you WE REALLY don't want to fight or to do something to change your mind. Moreover I see that you posted your two messages few days ago and only about GPS Robot while your registration was at 2013.

Best regards,

GPS Robot and YieldNodes.Org
ForexMark (ForexMark)
Oct 11 2018 at 10:51
268 posts
bluboy posted:
FEST posted:
Hi Mark

You promote your EA on your Homepage with 30% average monthly RoI (or even more), but when I look to the result of your verified account provided here on myfxbook in the last three years the monthly RoI was normally below 1% per month...

Can you explain this discrepancy to me?

Kind regards

There is no discrepancy except for the risk factor taken on the account, obviously the risk that is taken on this account is low and as traders we have the choice to take a higher risk if we feel the system is stable enough to take that risk. Look at the history of the system and decide for yourself what amount of risk you wish to take.
Does it have the potential for higher profits with a 94% hit rate - absolutely but as we know with higher reward is higher risk mate, its up to us as traders to decide.


Hello Greg,

Yes, I absolutely agree with you. We have basic recommendations which will be ok for every trader but all of them can decide which lotsize, risks and other they are ready to use. In general we have more traders with basic recommendations but also some of traders use very risky options. I can explain, if you will have for example $500 deposit, so during few months you will have $1,000, after that during one month you will have $1,500 and can make withdrawal of your start deposit and use generated $1,000 with very risky settings. Some of users have really impressive results like they turned $500 into $7,000 during one year. But again we not recommend to use risky settings with all your money as you already understand. So in general Greg was absolutely right.

Best regards,

GPS Robot and YieldNodes.Org
Oct 21 2018 at 07:22
2 posts

If i sign up do you offer all the info and guides needed?

Along with suggested settings.

I'm looking to give it a go with £500, would that be enough to make it worth while vs sub fees?

Oct 29 2018 at 13:31
1 posts
Hi Greg,

I wanted to know if you used any EA for your operations, thank you.


Oct 30 2018 at 13:16
1 posts
Hello Mark,

Isn't possible to communicate 4 weeks

I wrote 4 e-mail messages there is no answer

In the folder spam there is also nothing

bluboy (bluboy)
Nov 08 2018 at 07:22
30 posts
diegomartinez posted:
Hi Greg,

I wanted to know if you used any EA for your operations, thank you.


Hi Diego,
Was only trialling it on a demo mate, I am not a real fan of EA's that have huge SL and small TP like this, I also found it seemed to be chewing a bit of memory on my computer and causing it grief so I have temporarily closed it down.


Nov 09 2018 at 08:34
1 posts
Ruf_B posted:
Hello Mark,

Isn't possible to communicate 4 weeks

I wrote 4 e-mail messages there is no answer

In the folder spam there is also nothing

Same problem here, I don't know hat is going on but
EA is not opening trades and no one answer emails.

Nov 13 2018 at 08:01
3 posts
if I need to gain the same percentage witch appear in your chart which is 400 PERSENT , what is the risk percentage you take it in your account ?

and should I keep my computer open 24 hours ?

togr (togr)
Nov 13 2018 at 11:57
4862 posts
I am not any affiliate or similar
Still the results are impressive at first look
At 2nd look you realize huge trades are closed with profits like 2 pips.
In such case you should have EXACTLY the same setting, broker and fast vps to get the same results.
I believe though with the very same conditions you would get the very same results.

thirdbrainsa (thirdbrainsa)
Nov 17 2018 at 23:38
43 posts
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