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Greenzone (By Webzone )

The user has deleted this system.

Greenzone Discussion

Crashbulle (Crashbulle)
Mar 23 2016 at 07:06
7 posts
far032 posted:
- Very risky trader.
- Huge floating DD.
- Account can be blown at any time.
- Totally unprofessional. Not close trade until profit 😀
- Clearly scamer. Scaming with the investors.

Be careful.

Bei dieser Schere zwischen Balance und Equity,

blieb dieser 2,5 Millionenverlust nicht aus.

Bei einem solchem System ist diese Ernüchterung doch mit der Auflegung schon Vorbestimmt !!!

Aus Staub stammen und zu Erde werden wir
Apr 01 2016 at 07:18
2 posts
Just to talk about the transparency of this accounts:
I am an investor of Greenzone. Recently when some of the investors started to ask on the 'official' website about the whys of the big drawdown and losses and whats wrong with the accounts, first the managers told us that nothing was wrong and everything is part of the system, then when more questions arose, the investors asking this questions were called trolls by the accounts managers and expelled/banned from the official website. Finally, the managers decided to close the forum to any further posts (its still available for visiting though: and created a private Facebook group for well behaved investors. Of course in the group some of us 'troll' investors kept asking uncomfortable questions and some of us were kicked out of this group, again. One of the last things I could get to read on the private FB group was that manager was encouraging investor to add more money to the accounts so they would help keeping the accounts safe.

I have to say that I really believed in this group of 'traders' when all this project started, but all this censorship and bad managing proved me wrong.

Apr 01 2016 at 09:00
1 posts
I d like to second rascuache1's review. Anyway some own words.

It all became a huge mess.

-- The Greenzone Team always pretended to by high educated traders (or at least led by an high educated trader) but that trader did not see some probleme arising from account base currency changes and other things. This caused great damage to the account.

-- The above created big damage to the account at a point where equity down by very big drawdown and no security buffer is available

-- It is totally irresponsible to the investors to move the communication to a closed facebook group. facebook should not be the place to discuss financials and private data anyway. So what is facebook good for then? Dont know.

-- It was always said: Everything is under control and dont worry. Just to see later and hardly only little admit that it was not.

-- the official Webpage shows some stats (right handside) that suggest still some 'absolute gain' or some % but in fact right now nearly all initial investment is simply gone. Equity is gone.

-- The 'official statement' section in the official forum is not filled with content that should be posted there! All investors are advised to put some more cash to the masteraccount to make that thing survive (or the mage the manager even burn more money???) but anyway this information is only available on the private facebook group.

-- they do everything and to on the other hand many things _not_ so they can still attract new investors. Simply the reason why any critical information is not shared in the website.

-- Using their signup-link to hotforex broker generated them forex cashback rebate on every lot they trade. Just to understand this: they have income from that thing and had income the past time. way more income than the initial needed deposit from the master is! Read: they did not lose a cent until now but gained while all investors lost massively and nearly everything.

-- many things to add here but simple baseline: if you are not yet stuck with these greenzone pamm managers then stay away.

-- best stay away from most or any of that social managers or trading gurus or signal providers. because what happens if forex newbies give money to other unprofessional traders? nothing good, right?

Mesbah (rahiths)
May 14 2016 at 09:28
98 posts
First of all i dont know why people(600 investors they say, i would say gullible people) invested in this scam

He is not a trader at all but top class scammer

Any pro daytrader would survive at least 10+++ years with that amount of money

P.S : if you dont have any idea about forex market dont invest there

A trader can be an economist but an economist could never be a trader. They are too theoretical.
May 14 2016 at 18:36
127 posts
Once again the idea of financial freedom left many investors poor here.

My accounts will ALWAYS show high DD. This is done purposely to maximize our withdrawals every week.
May 17 2016 at 14:34
9 posts
I was investor dere, but took out my money in god time
As a partner at HF you earn pr tradet lot.
Up to 15 $ pr lot
If you calculate the 4 accounts that is going dawn, he had over 66.000 lot total
This guy made a lot of money spending others..........!!!!

Igor Furlan (ISFurlan)
May 20 2016 at 16:51
46 posts
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