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HMA EA-Live (by bl4ckp3n9u1n)

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Dec 10 2020 at 13:37
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jmaster posted:
what does magic number actually do? :)

In my case the magic number needed to be different as I was using two different chart pairs thus wanted only the equity of my account to be the basis for the calculations. I found that there were conflicting issues with the EA from triggering the trade.

My understanding is that the EA and the magic number is used to connect specifically each other, there maybe circumstances where using the same magic number on a set of 'triangulation of pairs', but I am yet to look into this. I have tried triangulation before on an EA but that allowed for multiple buy and sell pairs.

I am not an expert on the matter but have always changed the magic number if I have made changed to the EA before making it live and always had separate numbers for each chart I am using.

"Or die trying...." Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice 1980's
Dec 10 2020 at 13:42
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bl4ckp3n9u1n posted:
As a small update I have been monitoring the trading for the last 12 hours and now only realised that I did not change the magic number on the second chart.

Hopefully this corrects the no-start issue and the real test of running two pairs on the EA should start in shortly.

UPDATE: I did try running two pairs but I believe that the correlation was far to great which meant a very long time (one whole day of no trades) before there was an exit.
Quite possibly a good correlated pair could work?

I have now reverted back to the original USDJPY (M15) and due to the not so smart idea I had at the start of the week would be over my daily and weekly goal by now.

Still two full days of trading and I see this reaching my targets by the end of Friday.

"Or die trying...." Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice 1980's
Dec 16 2020 at 05:01
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PANDEX posted:
For anyone reading this, great![/quote


"Or die trying...." Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice 1980's
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