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James Harrison (By MIA491 )

Gain : -51.04%
Drawdown 94.97%
Pips: 47857.0
Trades 348
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Manual

James Harrison Discussion

Jun 04 2019 at 10:06
2 posts
i lost 94% of all my money
please anyone know why this happen?
oh my God

Jun 04 2019 at 10:06
2 posts
Hi Harry T

So what happened here - makes no sense - consistent and equal returns for months on end since 2017 and then massive loss in one go? How is that even possible. Would be great to hear back and to how something like this happens?

Ryan Brown (lilredry)
Jun 04 2019 at 12:57
7 posts
Going from a -3% average draw down to a 94% loss? What happened here? Goes to show every trader good or bad eventually blows their accounts. Yikes!

Ryan Brown (lilredry)
Jun 04 2019 at 12:59
7 posts
fxbreaker posted:
Lim001 posted:
Trading 10 time the normal lot size without a stop loss is not james's tading style.

they said the broker was HACKED !!!

I wonder if any of you believe that ??

Not yet 1 year from my warning in this discussion

If they are saying the broker got hacked, this is complete garbage. Especially if actual TRADES did this to the account which it sounds like James did.

FTDFX (eruditeX)
Jun 05 2019 at 00:22
52 posts
Veterans saw through this plot similar to IGOFX, JJPTR.

All the telltale signs point to the eventual force majure to blame on trading losses/hacking.

But from a trader's point of view, this is just grid & martingale which is highly possible in order to achieve 14% returns, no gain will be made without seeking risks, and usually is retrospect, the risk is double of the rewards.

Just glad, it came to an end earlier as more than 3billions were already lost if not more would be lost.

Never ever use an unregulated trading program, as trading authenticity and safety of funds does not exist.

Jun 05 2019 at 01:01
43 posts
I am always curious about who James Harrison is, maybe i found the answer in this link.

Sorry for the investors loses.

I try not to burn my account
Jun 05 2019 at 06:20
254 posts
simenunu posted:
i lost 94% of all my money
please anyone know why this happen?
oh my God

Please go through all discussion of his trading system. People never learn they are always looking for quick rich schemes.

The market will trade through it’s path of least resistance .
Jun 05 2019 at 06:24
6 posts
If he trade all the money then lost it, where all the money goes to? The brokers or world market? And if he doing it by on purpose, what is the benefit for him or his sides

Jun 05 2019 at 06:25
143 posts
It is very simple what happened here. This has been a Scheme from the very beginning, it had nothing to do with FX or any trading for that matter. We have been saying this for a year now but people are just too lazy to go back and read the thread.

What they did was they back logged the trades onto their server and updated their myfxbook account after. They were able to do that because of no broker regulation. The broker they have been using was a broker they own so they could do whatever they want. The shown account was also most likely a demo account. Its easy to plug in real feed to a demo account and myfxbook then shows it as a real account. Especially if you own the brokerage like they do.

People just saw the unrealistic profit and low DD and thought that they will get rich. What these guys did now was what some of us were predicting all along. There was not enough new investors anymore and they could not keep paying out current investors so they decided to show a fake loss and basically steal the rest of the money for themselves. That way investors think that they lost money via trading and there is nothing they can do about it. Same thing happened with these guys 3 years ago:

Also a ponzi scheme. There were other similar projects as well as SakuraFx and Global Trading Pros. Everything is well documented on myfxbook.

All in all people who went along with this have only themselves to blame. Instead of investing with actual traders, they went with these and are now surprised about what happened. There are some legitimately good systems available on myfxbook where people can make money consistently but none of them is a get rich quick like MIA.

I bet all my money that in a few months something similar will appear and we will see all the same people investing there as well and then be surprised in 18 months about how they lost their money again.

Jun 05 2019 at 06:31
2 posts
-94 DD .. bad luck man huge loss

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