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James Harrison (by MIA491)

Gain: -51.04%
Drawdown: 94.97%
Pips: 47857.0
Trades: 348
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Manual
Jun 16 2019 at 07:00
143 posts
Any news about this? Is anyone investingating, trying to get their money back?

Jun 17 2019 at 06:35
26 posts
sjkhaushu posted:
Any news about this? Is anyone investingating, trying to get their money back?

Money will be very difficult to be recovered ....

I think those who lives in malaysia should make POLICE REPORT about MIA Founder, and let police do the job ...

maybe in the end they will still be released .. but at least MIA founder should be questioned and hopefully covered by media.

I already try hard to explain to you all in this forum and lowyat forum .. all evidence about this money game ... and I just hope some of the readers not got scammed after read my posts.

Jun 17 2019 at 12:57
1 posts
Will you critisize MyFXBook on this forum for the good feedback ot James Harisson? If yes, has your post been deleted?

Dishi (nanofx0)
Jul 03 2019 at 08:49
2 posts
The writing is on the wall guys since the beginning ...MIA forex means Missing In Action (hello???)

This is nothing more that money game with forex twist

Early participants reap profits while late comers bite the lost. It's nothing new in this game.

Jul 11 2019 at 08:55
143 posts
OutsideTheBoxHK posted:
I'm very sorry how ill-educated investors are, how little due diligence people perform before they invest in schemes like this one for copy trading and Fund investments.
I have spoken about these often on Donna Forex and ForexSignals Forum in my last 3 years of being a signal provider and fund manager.
Let's keep the industry free of this . I am extra vigilant on the platforms where my system is available to report suspicious systems who are only looking for quick subscription fees and investments that they can steal in a short amount of time and remain anonymous and leave without being caught online.

You are practically in the same boat. The only difference is they planned to steal the money and you lost it via incompetence. These guys were at least 'smart' about what they did. You really shouldnt be criticising others to make yourself look good if you are unable to back it up and wipe out every single account you have.

Jul 11 2019 at 11:09
1 posts
Also, don't believe Signal Start neither, their Stats are fake. They cannot measure the Drawdown correctly. I was looking at one trader that had 20 successful trades, with a big lot size and all of them were taken at the same time and all went about 30 Pips into Drawdown. THe Trader had a max. 6 % DD. It was more like 50 % and I went back and forth with them, they tried not to reply but I stayed persistent. Here the answer from them in the end:

'Your calculations are correct, the drawdown would be ~50% by an Intra
day measurement,
We do not log intraday drawdown because we are limited by the amount
of data we can process.
The dev team is exploring the possibility of increasing the resolution.

SignalStart Support'

Kulioyo (winekeng)
Nov 15 2019 at 05:40
2 posts
blown account , i guess

Nov 15 2019 at 08:58
349 posts
This is... lol, just lol. Each to their own. Do some research before invest in such accounts, guys! I can only laugh about something like this. 😂


patience is the key
Johan Olwage (olla)
Nov 15 2019 at 09:21
43 posts
Spectacular! Some say it was a fraudulent set-up..... who knows?

Let the market work for you and then follow the winners.
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