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Jazz Main (By marketedge)

Gain : +27.51%
Drawdown 28.08%
Pips: 1437.8
Trades 1483
Type: Real
Leverage: -
Trading: Automated

Jazz Main Discussion

Sep 23 2014 at 20:22
5 posts
seems money management rules dont apply either, lol......i see a bumper day today of -15% ( day not over might get worse). You really think -15% in a day is good MM ? you keep telling us we are fools...............time to look in the mirror big man

Oct 10 2014 at 15:54
5 posts
good to see another Scam put to bed.......please dont come back with a new name and false claims, we will be watching for you.

Oct 24 2014 at 14:51
29 posts
marketedge posted:
@Contest12 @eamonitor have u guys thought of creating a new troll id? Havent we shamed you enough for these two ids?

@eamonitor, @Contest12, @smarttradertest, @AutoTest71 were all right and it is you who should be ashamed of yourself.

Everything you said is lies and bullsh*t. No one who has traded the same system for 7 years would fail in the way you have with broken laws after only 2 months. It is obvious you are lying about your history from the start and the numerous failed myfxbooks and your broken laws prove that. You are now trying new myfxbooks so you can hide/delete your old ones?

Read the below where a subscriber tell us all how it really is. Unprofessional and dishonest is what he calls you.

You are now trying lots of different things becasue you failed, you lied about trading this syetem for 7 years.

Thank god for people who question too good to be true systems with less than a years worth of trading history on a live system. Only cost me 3 days trial but wow, over 15% loss in one day, thank god I did only try it on a demo. Even a major aggressive system would not do this. This is pure 100% gambling and recklessness. You lied and said you were in India so you could not open real account but now you say you are now in USA, well open a real account then and trade your own money so we know you are risking your own real money. You make money from subscription only.

@eamonitor, @Contest12, @smarttradertest, @AutoTest71 stopped posting becasue you blocked them? Or because they knew you for who you really were and stopped wasting their time or maybe they probably too busy laughing their heads off.

You told @contest, @eamonitor to just sit out watch the returns and enjoy the sun, I bet they are sitting back and laughing at you and thinking of all the money they have saved.

Oh, you say on here you have 100 clients, big liar again. I was in room and this is all lies.

Oct 24 2014 at 14:52
29 posts
marketedge posted:
We have the best system in the world and we can afford to be rude.

You guys are the ones who need to be polite if you want to make some money. We do not care for you to be our clients at all.

You are dying for clients now as people leaving or have swicthed off. You refuse to return fees despite you breaking your rules. You said if you ever had 25% drawdown you would give refund but you do not give clients refund. You are a liar and a cheat.

You made no money, you lost money for all.

I wish all yor subcribers come here and tell everyone how much cheater/liar/rude man you are.

John Levi - terri jhoot ney terri gharr mar di. 😀 😀

marketedge (marketedge)
Nov 22 2014 at 13:03
40 posts
hey you fools and nitwits: Jazz wave performance update:

DD issues of Sept and Oct now resolved and back to winning ways as it makes 32% in Nov. Highest ever for Jazz. The account has changed but all history available. So overall this despite all the shouting and abuses, returns 32% in Nov. Thats what a good system does. It climbs above and comes out and resolves issues. Clients who were patient have made money and are very happy.

marketedge (marketedge)
Nov 22 2014 at 13:03
40 posts
And about clients, well you should see the membership fee. It has only gone up from 700 USD to 1100 USD. Does that show us desperate for clients? No. It shows a confident team.

Now you cartoons got a chance to bark your traps when it had a DD of 40% but then here is the system with new highs. Thats how a good system shuts down idiots. You cannot keep a good system down. Overall in 6 months despite the DD it is still +3400 pips in profit since July. But all traders got thru DD and Jazz had that bad moment. But those issues were put to rest and we are very happy with our client base. We did lose a few who very impatient but thats fine. That is the nature of retail clients. But those who stayed put are now smiling. What it teaches you is to be patient in trading. Also on refund, those terms have been altered and changed. We cannot refund. Our terms were clear: If SQN dips below 1.5, we will stop trading, resolve issues and if we dont come back, we will refund fees. However we did stop trading, we resolved those issues and we came back in October and with 32% return in Nov, Jazz is back !!!!. And going forward, there will be no refund of fees. Join if you like else its fine.

shanemort (shanemort)
Nov 24 2014 at 07:55
12 posts
why is it your Jazz wave Gain on your site says 32% Gain but the Myfxbook link is only 5%? you are showing custom dates on your site to make it look better, i would personally think it looks better to show the loss in Oct and that you recovered from it rather than hide it. People want long term safe investments and large investors will come if they see 6 months + with 5-30% per month growth with a low DD.

Just my view


marketedge (marketedge)
Nov 24 2014 at 10:59
40 posts
yes you can wait for 6 months. No problem. We are not going anywhere.

The page actually explains why Oct 20 onwards we started Wave which is a tuned up algo of the earlier Jazz which was working between July and Sept end. In sept end and oct starting we experienced a 40% dd which made us shut the copier for a few weeks to probe the issues. Once the issues were resolved, we reconnected the copier. The myfxbook has lots more trades which are not all copier related. The copier related trades are shown at

If you note, the Nov pips exactly match the and what has been reported at

This is because in Nov we have had an in uninterrupted days of trading. So for nov we are up 30%.

Hope this clears the air.

marketedge (marketedge)
Nov 24 2014 at 10:59
40 posts
Nothing is hidden. What is this we are hiding? Everything is in plain view. myfxbook links are open to scrutiny. We dont care if you can see the downmonth or not. If you have not seen it, we have highlighted it in

In bold letters we said we had a downmonth in Oct which was a 40% fall from peak. So what is being hidden?

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