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KeltnerPRO - Jared (By keltnerpro)

Gain : +5645.75%
Drawdown 58.74%
Pips: 4744.8
Trades 1003
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Unknown

KeltnerPRO - Jared Discussion

Jul 26 2015 at 21:43
18 posts
braddock posted:
this ea on longterm is the best .... dont understand why some people cry always when there is a loosing month.... this is nearly a set and forget robot .... and the bigger tp then sl always this ea will win and dont need always updates....

best is to take 2 or 3 different brokers.... 1 time one is better other time other is better...

start on each broker with 500 $ and in a few years you are happy. :)

this whats happen on 15 january with swiss, was not the fault from the ea... was the fault from the brokers.... a lot lost all the money and a lot make good wins .... no ea in the world can manage this spikes from 15 january ....this spikes was brokerdepend

hi I think this still good EA I demo with diferent brokers many months all brokers makes almost the same trades, stable pairs eurusd, gbpusd, in BT and custom analysis audusd, nzdusd, no good, usdchf risky

Aug 05 2015 at 09:59
7 posts
corre71 posted:
saaedb posted:
corre71 posted:
saaedb posted:
corre71 posted:
There is not only 1 way leading to success 😁

Does it require zero effort and lets me be lazy?

Not unfortunately there is no easy way to earn from trading. It requires a lot of work and attention, also about Automated trading. The most difficult is in discerning EAs which potentially can be profitable from craps. You have no guarantee, but splitting ur funds on several 'good' strategies You have good chances

Most of the commercial EAs are probably crap, but some are not. Keltner if you asked my opinion, i think is a very good EA.
Now what makes it dangerous? The vendor sets up high risk to get these mammoth gains to attract greed. People want to replicate the vendor's results and crank up the risk too... a couple of blows and you're out where as the vendor got lucky on his account attempt# X and made it.

So if you treat the EA right, and don't over risk/leverage yourself and allow the EA to be able to sustain a reasonable draw down... I think you could make money from certain EAs and Keltner in my books is one of those EAs.

And for Manual trading... if you have the time and skills, no EA can beat manual trading.

Completely agree: run Keltner with 0.01 for each 1k and u will not suffer in DD periods. If the account is small u can also run at 0.02 x 1K. If u want to earn more, do not rise the risk, but simply diversify ur EA portfolio with some other good strategy

Are you still running KeltnerPRO? I can't see it on your page?


Aug 08 2015 at 08:07
43 posts
it seems that this system is running on a very bad period. It has always been recovering pretty well (apart from the failure on the 15th of january on the other myfxchoice live account) but this time it seems to struggle. Any thoughts from those using it or the owner?

Aug 08 2015 at 09:22
58 posts
Bloodbath today for this ea i see...

Aug 08 2015 at 09:25
70 posts
NFP is mostly like a whipsaw for any ea.....😁

Aug 09 2015 at 18:36
50 posts
Not sure NFP impact of friday Keltner's trades !

Find an edge and trade it
Aug 11 2015 at 06:12
48 posts
I am using FXCM with this EA on a vps and I am doing better than the master account at this time.

Aug 11 2015 at 08:29
320 posts
You are all going to blow up Your accounts soon :)

Better to lose an oportunity than a money
Aug 11 2015 at 10:19
18 posts
Aug 11 2015 at 12:24
43 posts
crashev posted:
You are all going to blow up Your accounts soon :)

With a good money management, unless you are hit by an absurd movement like the suisse bank chaos of mid january you cannot blow an account if an EA is not going well for a period of time like this.

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