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MG PRO EA (By sinryadvice)

Gain : +116.39%
Drawdown 44.93%
Pips: 9523.6
Trades 1055
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

MG PRO EA Discussion

May 14 at 06:54
31 posts
vnstockwatcher posted:
Victor1989 posted:
If I'm to consider buying this EA, please keep it updated.

this EA have a dangerous strategy, for example if EA Buy EURUSD and loss, EA continue to Buy, buy and buy ...and wait until EURUSD down !
Please view one of many dangerous product of sinryadvice

Yes, it is a dangerous grid strategy according to the picture. New trades increase floating loss until they do not exhaust the deposit.

May 15 at 05:28
7 posts
Hi I'm pretty scared of the drawdown. I'am currently using mg pro with recommended lot size. But your drawdown is more than 40%. I thought the ea drawdown was supposed to be less than 30% like its writteen on the product page/

Jun 05 at 12:31
10 posts
I am not so much a fan of automated systems but your system shows very good results and I am impressed I have to say

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