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Money (By elitetradex2020)

Gain : +45342.42%
Drawdown 19.20%
Pips: 16241.8
Trades 100
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Unknown

Money Discussion

Jun 03 at 17:52
3 posts
This is very similar to short-term trading. There is a classic swing trading based on technical analysis, and its basis is understanding, including graphical analysis and analysis of the trading volume. Tries to enter a position in the direction of the trend after the completion of the correction at the moment when the phase of the impulse along the trend begins to develop. The target of the movement is usually the opposite trend line. I was not wrong about this graph, was I? I remember a few, you can take into account related strategies and use different kinds of tools.

Jun 08 at 14:36
14 posts

please more info about your system.
is possible for copy trading?


Jun 24 at 17:03
533 posts
Copy trading is possible with your trading system. If it did, there would be many benefits.

Jun 26 at 07:31
14 posts
A lot of improvement in a short period. Can short term trading methods work this positively?

Jul 05 at 13:47
533 posts
taskfries posted:
A lot of improvement in a short period. Can short term trading methods work this positively?

I have the same question? You will be able to provide ideas about short-term scalping.

Jul 10 at 06:11
21 posts
Is this really similar to short term trading! It doesn’t seem to be like that.

Jul 21 at 07:20
15 posts
Great trading! Fantastic results! It also feels good to see such good trade outcomes.

Jul 28 at 06:38
13 posts
Looks like your trading strategy actually works really well. Although, I find it a bit identical to short term trading but still you made some good money out there

Jul 29 at 16:51
533 posts
I also want to know the details about copy trading. And I use market context strategy in trading.

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