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NCM Conservative (By NCM )

Gain : +501.62%
Drawdown 53.04%
Pips: 5415.5
Trades 1275
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Unknown

NCM Conservative Discussion

Jul 08 at 09:26
10 posts
If you login to their site (where you change risk), there is a link to an announcement. I trust they will manage this ok. But of course never invest more than you are willing to loose.

Jul 08 at 09:36
46 posts
There is an important message on the ncmsignal site. Read this. Keep it up martin and ncm signal admins. 💪💪💪💪

Jul 08 at 10:12
125 posts
jimbobule posted:
I heard NCM sent an email. I didn't get it, please can someone copy and paste here.

NCM Signal
4:05 PM (2 hours ago)
to info, bcc: me

Dear Subscribers,

We would like to give you some information about the situation this week.
We are stuck in a bull trend with sell positions. We have had this in the past. What is different about the current situation is that it is longer lasting. There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, we are trying to trade less aggressively because of the increasing account volume. On the other hand, because of the low trading volume we have seen in recent months, we see smaller back and forth movements in the first place, which could be a good basis for an exit.
We are currently waiting for the right price at which we can open an exit position. Knowing the weight of the matter, we are approaching it cautiously.

However, in recent days we have received nearly 500 emails waiting for a response. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to answer them all, especially in the current situation.
We would love to discuss in another situation what we are doing, but at the moment, this is not possible, so please refrain from giving us good advice and making requests.
We have also received feedback on the cancellation of the service. If anyone decides to do so, we are sorry, but please make sure that you cancel your subscription with Paypal, take the balance out of your trading account, or change its password.

If the market allows, we will try to get out of the current positions. It will take more time than usual and may take even longer.
We are currently at a drawdown of 14%. We have been through more than that, we are not aiming for new highs, but we are also not rushing into an exit strategy with unnecessary risk.

We hope our letter gives some reassurance to those who are worried about the future of their account.

Best regards,
NCM Team

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.
Jul 08 at 12:41
28 posts
Maciej (Szczepanski)
Jul 08 at 13:55
6 posts
The question is. For how long to recovery?
I saw many months with other systems.
I hope, but this is only a wish. For quick recover.
What about the past?

Jul 08 at 14:27
12 posts
drayzen posted:
Fibonacci23 posted:
From what I have studied in this strategy there is something very strange indeed.

Before I get started in this system, one or two weeks ago, I noticed the grid is made with intervals of 45 pips between the trades. This time the intervals are 55 pips. If he had kept the 45-pip-interval he would get out of trade way faster. Why is this sudden change of strategy? This make us investor lose confidence on the system.

Best regards!

The changes they make actually give me more confidence.
Would you prefer a strategy that is regularly optimised to current market conditions, or one that tries to apply the same rules forever?
Hint: I can tell you that only one of these will survuve for the long term.
If you'd been subscribed through Brexit you would know that they halved the risk when volatility was extreme because it was the sensible thing to do.
Had they not done that it might have seen the account get stopped-out.

Decrease the lot when market goes crazy thats reasonable. The point is, the exact moment when he changes the strategy increasing the intervals, he went in a huge DD and could get out if he kept the old rule. Thats my POV.

Jul 08 at 18:35
46 posts
The recover is starting from 7 hours

A B M Faruque Rahman (monirainvestment)
Jul 09 at 08:02
14 posts
NO SL. Account could meet a big DD or account blow on crush.

Plan Your Trade. Trade Your Plan.
Jul 09 at 15:25
46 posts
Time for a big downside gbpcad. What a candle, come on😎

Jul 09 at 16:20
3 posts
No stop ls? Account could meet a big ddown and burn all cash... interesting 0.21 lot grid strategy but they still make money on IB's, more than $4/Lot volume on each account, so they will win in each case and sell you the dream

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