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Open Range Breakout (By Freddi )

Gain : +9.38%
Drawdown 3.96%
Pips: 6946.0
Trades 84
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

Open Range Breakout Discussion

Freddi (fdegen)
Sep 28 at 17:22
2 posts
Hello everyone.

This is my latest system. This is the demo version, with the live soon to follow.

Sep 28 at 18:15
326 posts
On a demo, this is even rather weak, usually on a demo account they show higher results.

Freddi (fdegen)
Sep 29 at 09:11
2 posts
This system has a very low risk setting and is supposed to be consistenly profitable. Im not looking to blow account, Im looking to create a long term profitable system that has a risk that can be transferred onto a live account of equal capital.

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