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Professor53 (By Professor53h)

Gain : +121.77%
Drawdown 28.69%
Pips: 889.3
Trades 276
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Unknown

Professor53 Discussion

Feb 29 2016 at 08:27
471 posts
Professor53h posted:
Eight plus hard years and lots of losses to get to this point Mr Scotty. Your doing a great job also !!!

I do understand the pain, but after 8 years I wouldn't expect to see the strategy of a beginner. Martingale is suicide with no means to an end. You can't be proud of the trading history and you can't be taken seriously by any trader or investor using such strategy.

togr (togr)
Feb 29 2016 at 09:00
4862 posts
WallStreet17 posted:
How can I follow those signals?

I would say it should take no more than year to double the account

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