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Queens Money Collector (By OrtwinRich )

The user has made his strategy private.

Queens Money Collector Discussion

ElPulga10 (ElPulga10)
Jul 07 2015 at 09:45
33 posts
That's his profession: stealing money from people ...

bruno2209 posted:

I don't mind about your EA performances.

You've stolen my money. Give me back the monthly fee and we can start again to talk about trading.


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mtraurig (mtraurig)
Jul 16 2015 at 12:08
16 posts
I have just filed a police report. They asked for other victims and I listed this chat area. Lets put this guy in jail. Here is alink to file a complaint.

Jul 21 2015 at 06:42
4 posts
buena suerte Michael. get em

Jul 30 2015 at 18:18
61 posts
ı agree give me the number of that police

Jul 30 2015 at 18:20
61 posts
he does not pay any fee, any profit TO ANYONE MAYBE , there are many proofs and the ugliest one is he does this shit at this sıte no one could stopped him.

OrtwinRich (OrtwinRich)
Aug 19 2015 at 15:37
243 posts
Dear Customers and Friends!

Another month begins for us today. It is now 8 month ago than we started in December 2014

We broke down the 3.000% Profit Wall, according to MyFxBook
We also crossed also the 16,000 Trades line.

According to our own Excel list we made over 6.000% Profit in eight month. This equals to over 750% profit EACH month. It'sis very easy to calculate:

Pure Profit divided by starting balance = mulitplicator
540.241 / 8.783 = 61,51 = 6151%

Pure Profit can be checked here:

We thank all Customers and Friends for supporting us.

Have a Pip-rich future with us.

Yours thankfully

Ortwin Rich
Sales and Marketing

I help others whereever I can.
ElPulga10 (ElPulga10)
Aug 20 2015 at 06:13
33 posts
Mr Calculate

Haha 6151 %

Last two months gain : 14 % and 8 %

You are a big SCAM !!!

People stay away from this magician

Stable automatic forexsystem with very low DD
OrtwinRich (OrtwinRich)
Aug 20 2015 at 06:41
243 posts
Dear Pulga!

Better go back to school and learn to CALCULATE:

1+1=2 right? This is 100% profit? Right?
1+61= 62? YES This 6100% profit? YEEEESSS ! Because 61x100=6100
Great job 1. classroom cleared.

Now to 2. classroom. You have to learn to READ:

I wrote: 'According to our own Excel list we made over 6.000% Profit in eight month.' This is our OWN calculation. Not yours, not theirs, it is OURS !!!

MyFxBook calculate different than ForexPeaceArmy and they are different to FxBlue. And ours is different, too.

This is no scam. Just pure facts.

Sorry mate, 2. classroom is not cleared.

Have fun

Yours Ortwin

I help others whereever I can.
Aug 21 2015 at 18:08
47 posts
I just joined , and losing to much ? who still using this system ?

Aug 21 2015 at 22:03
15 posts
Almogahed2016 posted:
 I just joined , and losing to much ? who still using this system ?

Sir why would you deposit money into this criminal's control be it into his fake managed accounts are his dangerously managed COPIER service after all that has been posted here?

I don't understand why anyone would become a recent victim of Jens aka Ortwin after all that we all have posted here to help the community.

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