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Queens Money Collector (By OrtwinRich )

The user has made his strategy private.

Queens Money Collector Discussion

mtraurig (mtraurig)
Aug 23 2015 at 20:14
16 posts
Couldn't agree more paladino....

mtraurig (mtraurig)
Aug 23 2015 at 20:21
16 posts
Looks like Karma got to him.... down 91%

Aug 24 2015 at 20:28
47 posts
paladino444 posted:
Almogahed2016 posted:
 I just joined , and losing to much ? who still using this system ?

Sir why would you deposit money into this criminal's control be it into his fake managed accounts are his dangerously managed COPIER service after all that has been posted here?

I don't understand why anyone would become a recent victim of Jens aka Ortwin after all that we all have posted here to help the community.

You're right , I agreed with your completely ,

He took from me 60 $ for next two months for two accounts in advance due to he will be holidays in September ,

this his email :

We are on holidays in September.
We can not update your subscribtion in this time.
Please pay your subscribtion in advance.
Yours sincerely
Ortwin Rich

When I losted so much because his system , I asked him for refund that i paid in advance ,

he replayed sorry ,

this is his email :

Yours Ortwin

I sent him now this email

what do you mean by sorry ? will you pay my money back or not ?

I am now waiting his replay

OrtwinRich (OrtwinRich)
Aug 25 2015 at 04:46
243 posts
Dear Customers!

All of you who paid in advance for September can get their money back, of course.

But we will continue sending trades to you. It is up to you.

Yours sincerely

I help others whereever I can.
William82 (William82)
Aug 28 2015 at 12:52
50 posts
I have tested and still using a few profitable EA's but this one looks like very risky.
No SL? or what but 92% DD it's not a joke, it's very serious.

Let's get down Forex Black Market, expose fake Expert Advisors!
mtraurig (mtraurig)
Aug 28 2015 at 13:38
16 posts
William,look at all the prior posts... doesn't matter how good or bad the system is if the trader is not honest,in my opinion.

Aug 31 2015 at 10:20
13 posts

I'm still waiting to get back my payment of May!!!!

Aug 31 2015 at 20:02
47 posts
Me too, I am still waiting to get my payment back

Oct 09 2015 at 09:58
5 posts
vendor is fat ass cheap liar!!

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