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RedRhinoFX ATS 10 (by RedRhinoFX)

The user has deleted this system.
Feb 25 2016 at 18:43
48 posts
Hi Frank,
     I joined up and funded. Yes it is clear that 8profit is not yours. Also all those statistics I put here are not from yours. CKD

frank (RedRhino)
Feb 26 2016 at 05:33
471 posts
@hishamzz The strategy is my ATS12 ( trades EURGBP only, Scalping, with 1:1 RR and 20 pip stoploss). $200 is ok to follow.

The current cMirror account is here for the ATS12 ( it is the 8Profit Signal Name).

I will start a New cmirror account next week and when I do, I'll properly name the systems to find the system easier.

I apologize for all the confusion. I've learned that cmirror and CTrader ID do have some limitations at the moment which makes life a little harder. For example, once you link an account to your cTrader ID, you can not remove it.

@ckdorgay - 8Profit is mine and trades the ATS12 this week. I also see the deposit ($50) is incorrect. I have about $300 now ( Own Funds is the correct value when at the website.)

Have a good weekend.



Mar 04 2016 at 23:29
48 posts
    I never heard back so I put the funds elsewhere. I'll be glad to trade with you when it is ready. Good weekend and cheers, Charles

Frank (RedRhinoFX)
Mar 05 2016 at 10:42
395 posts
Frank (RedRhinoFX)
Mar 07 2016 at 05:52
395 posts
Apr 03 2016 at 06:22
2 posts
RedRhinoFX posted:
all of my system in one account -
ATS12 -

Hello, Did you change the name of strategies in cmirror or removed them at all? Because the accounts doesnt exist in the links you provided.

Apr 04 2016 at 04:28
48 posts
I found cMirror confusing. I don't know if it is able to be saved in its present form.

frank (RedRhino)
Apr 05 2016 at 13:53
471 posts
I've stopped using cMirror because I can't keep the connection solid enough without checking it daily

For now, only offer through MT4 ( signalstart or simpletrader)

May 01 2016 at 14:53
582 posts
Good job frank. This is good, using all profit money to make profit. ;)

Never Give Up or Give In To The Market
frank (RedRhino)
May 03 2016 at 04:18
471 posts
Thanks @watchme I grew most of my risk capital in 2015 from this system alone. Now I have this system running at different risk setting across multiple brokers and account balances ( risk setting from 0.25x to 16x.

 Slow and steady with equity protection.

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