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Robot Trading never lose money again (By GermanyFX )

Gain : +13.13%
Drawdown 12.06%
Pips: 12724.2
Trades 643
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Robot Trading never lose money again Discussion

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Feb 20 at 05:03
269 posts

I have this robot which I created some time back for my personal use on my own account, now I am interested to make it for public use too.

I have long-term history too for the same robot. I am starting this new account from today.

For more details send your inquiries to

my EMAIL :


GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Feb 22 at 05:34
269 posts
PROS and CONS of this robot

Like in life everything always has pros and cons and my robot does have pros and cons and I will like to transparent and show it to you.


This robot won't make you rich overnight
This robot will give you small and consistent profit for full-time trading
This robot requires respectful balance to trade you should not use it on a small account


This robot will never blow your account if you use the rules and don't tweak it
This robot will give you consistent profit and you can always increase profit by increasing the balance amount
This is a good robot for long time success in the market
You can rely on this robot for consistent income and you can continue with your other job or business.

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Feb 24 at 05:38
269 posts
My robot will always show open trades in red but on the other hand, lots of trades will always keep on closing with profits. so yeah right now it looks like in red but if you will see in a month or so you will find thousands of pips are banked in. that's the logic of my robot.

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Feb 25 at 07:40
269 posts
Something to note about my robot. there is no need to worry about the open trades, it will show in red always, but the point is that anything made above 10k is withdrawable...

for example, right now the robot has made 100 USD

I can withdraw this money and it wont affect my system at all. so basically all the profit made above 10k is withdrawable always.

consistency is what I am targeting with robot.

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Feb 26 at 13:27
269 posts
If you are interested to copy my trades or buy the EA then kindly email to

Only limited copies of EA are for sale on a first come first serve basis.

Feb 27 at 17:17
3 posts
never say never do yu sell this expert ?

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Feb 28 at 13:39
269 posts
Market will be active in net few hours. lets see how many pips we grab this week.

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Feb 28 at 13:42
269 posts
marktezy posted:
never say never do yu sell this expert ?

Yes PMed you

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Mar 01 at 14:25
269 posts
You are under no obligation to remain the same person you were a year ago, a month ago, or even a day ago. You are here to create yourself, continuously.

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Mar 04 at 12:01
269 posts
Be patient with the market and wait for your entry But you must also be aggressive and act when the opportunity arises If you get this equilibrium right, then the odds will be heavily skewed in your favor!

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