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Robot Trading never lose money again (By GermanyFX)

Gain : +31.26%
Drawdown 12.25%
Pips: 27927.0
Trades 1403
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Robot Trading never lose money again Discussion

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Jun 24 at 08:34
323 posts
50000 $ Real account
Live 6 months trading history available
Signals available


GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Jul 29 at 08:58
323 posts
Do not waste time on fake screenshots and backtest results. Follow my signals with real accounts and live trading.

The promotional price is just 55 USD per month.😀

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Jul 31 at 12:54
323 posts
FreddyGLOCK74 posted:
I use this BBNFA EA

Yeah so go and post on your own thread there is no need to post on my system and flood it with spam.

Thank you

GermanyFX (GermanyFX)
Aug 02 at 15:45
323 posts
Dear Followers,

■ Low risk signal
■ Ideal for long term trading/investing
■ Automated entry system
■ Very stringent entry criteria to be met before trading starts
■ Only trades the 20 currency pairs
■ Trade sizing kept low on purpose to control risk

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