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Scalp Trader PRO (By scalptraderpro )

Gain : +858.31%
Drawdown 17.73%
Pips: 896.4
Trades 144
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Automated

Scalp Trader PRO Discussion

Apr 15 2016 at 11:34
6 posts
What is 'Scalping'
Scalping is a trading strategy that attempts to make many profits on small price changes. Traders who implement this strategy will place anywhere from 10 to a couple hundred trades in a single day in the belief that small moves in stock price are easier to catch than large ones. (

so, if you make dozens or hundreds of trades a day, you can call it HFS (high frequency scalping), if you make only few trades a day, with small TP, thats scalping, if you scalps once a month, with TP only few pips, thats ..... i don't know how to call it

Apr 24 2016 at 06:14
39 posts
is there something wrong with trades for ages

Apr 24 2016 at 16:39
15 posts
It is fine. There are certain periods of no trades, but nothing is wrong with the system.

Viktory (VictorTous)
Apr 25 2016 at 01:23
107 posts
It's just a scam guys, as everything else from 'Doug Price' and Synergy FX... plain and simple 😉

Patience, focus and self-control to win the game with diligence.
Apr 25 2016 at 02:18
15 posts
Not really.. try it for yourself before making claims.

Apr 27 2016 at 06:47
39 posts
Swing Trading FX (Daveski)
Apr 28 2016 at 06:07
37 posts
VictorTous posted:
It's just a scam guys, as everything else from 'Doug Price' and Synergy FX... plain and simple 😉

Can you tell us more?


Plan the Trade. Trade the Plan
Bulat Stevens (bobjetions)
Apr 29 2016 at 06:54
20 posts
Nice system, but don't work on real accounts cause of slippage.

Apr 29 2016 at 13:59
15 posts
That is far from true. Works absolutely fine on live accounts. Slippage is NOT an issue assuming you are using a respectable Forex broker.

Gerard (obus)
May 09 2016 at 06:54
8 posts
Synergy FX is not a regulated broker and known for there falsified trade history, google them or view discusion here:,1

Saying that when you do a custom analysis from the date of the first comment Nov 21 2015. First known date to be posted on myfxbook you get about 10% over 4 months. Hardly impressive and takes massive losses when it does loss.

If someone has a descent trade history with a known good broker IC Market, tickmil etc Id be more impressed but dont judge this EA by its hsitory prior to Nov 21 2015.

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