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Silver Plus EA - EURGBP (By Sergey )

Gain : +21087.3%
Drawdown 50.94%
Pips: 11168.0
Trades 1117
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Silver Plus EA - EURGBP Discussion

Mar 14 at 15:30
1 posts
olá, como faz para copiar sua estratégia?
Sergey (falcon_aiki)
Apr 15 at 11:55
2 posts
Hello Rafael!
You can subcribe to the signal at my page. or write me private message please.
Best regards, Sergey.
Apr 15 at 12:33
13 posts
Sergey (falcon_aiki)
Apr 17 at 10:13
2 posts
Forex itself is associated with a lot of risk.
Systems with small profits are almost of no interest to anyone.
The greater the profit, the greater the risk. Everything is correct. There is no other way unfortunetly.
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