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Simplex Continuum

Gain : +112.25%
Drawdown 49.14%
Pips: -21170.6
Trades 1428
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Unknown

Simplex Continuum Discussion

kozllo (kozllo)
Jan 22 at 10:08
1 posts
This trading system looks great. I hope you can add some features and details and share it here with all of us. Thanx

Feb 01 at 19:10
245 posts
@kozllo don't need to add any new futures, all works fine and results are more stable like in the past. Check out our telegram channel and see the last updates related to all SimplexFx trading systems.

All the bets!

Feb 13 at 13:35
4 posts
mt4 setups have the same pir like mt5 setup? i see some new currency's on the mt5 history

Feb 20 at 09:56
245 posts
Hi there,
we trade almost the same strategy and currency pairs in all accounts. No more than 2 pairs in the same time...
Get instant updates in TELEGRAM, link posted into our description TAB.

All the best!

Feb 27 at 17:21
3 posts
hi sir, do yu sell thiexpert? i want to test it for one month or two with the same setup, hope i will get an answer,

Mar 03 at 08:34
245 posts
@marktezy no, we don't sell any robots, expert advisors or any magic quick rich courses :-)

We only trade our managed PAMM accounts under private mode and all other live accounts posted onto myfxbook which are open for copying right into your live trading account.

All useful links like autocopy service, our telegram channel and myfxbook stats: ->

All the best,
SimplexFx Team support

Mar 06 at 14:28
2 posts
sorry mate to spam yur systems but i need to talk with yu
i saw and follow yu on instagram,

i want to invest in the pamm managed acc. but i can't find how to join or any other instructions
i think is only for private investors ? or i do not follow the right topic

can i get some details if i write to yu on telegram? i don't want the copy service is too much to manage and mind buggling, i want to invest with yu cos
i see yur results and are stable and yur more transparent with yur system not hiding it from public

thanks mate

Mar 12 at 09:00
245 posts
@rachidmartyn no problem. All the proper details has been sent by email. The PAMM managed account is not open for public and is set in private mode, you need to be approved and receive a specific password to place your investment. Soon will be open publicly but for the moment is kept private.
The stats are almost the same Like the 'Simplex Continuum' system.

Get instant daily updates in telegram channel. Link posted into the Fed Tab.

All the best,
SimplexFx Team

Apr 07 at 16:42
3 posts
hi mate,
i want to invest into your system --- money managers program

can yu give me a pm ? i want details how can we do this
thanx mate

Apr 11 at 17:28
245 posts
@zornak_farell, yo have a private message in telegram.

Telegram group:

All the best,
SimplexFX team

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