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Simplex Expert Advisor

Gain : +252.21%
Drawdown 43.53%
Pips: 7395.7
Trades 1532
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Simplex Expert Advisor Discussion

Aug 29 at 10:49
1 posts
helloy sir (.)
i'm interested in your trading strategies on forex. how can i learn more from your experience? thank you sir

Aug 30 at 10:26
245 posts
Hi @fxedge1q
To invest into PAMM /MAM managed accounts, please send your request at email:

To get instant daily updates follow us on twitter: --->

Autotrade mirror copy service: ---> (signalstart link)

Enjoy your profit$,
The SimplexFx Team

Sep 01 at 14:24
245 posts
Live & Real Fx Accounts 100% -➢

STATISTICS: AUGUST 2021 (end month)
6.89% -➢ Simplex INFiNiTY on MT5
4.06% -➢ MEDiUM _ Low Risk Millennium
4.08% -➢ Simplex Transceiver MAM (MANAGED ACCOUNT)
3.28% -➢ Simplex Continuum on MT4
2.67% -➢ LOW Risk Simplex Infinity

Link to connect your account: --->

Enjoy your profit$

Sep 04 at 13:19
2 posts
@SimplexFx what's the name of ea which you use on this one?

Sep 04 at 17:25
245 posts
don't matter what is or could be. Just copy any other accounts for real and learn along the road. This is only a demo test account where we do our job in advance!

All the best!

Connrad Dorsey (yefoledy)
Sep 28 at 19:06
16 posts
I reviewed the results of the real trade accounts and I want to buy your awesome EA. How can I do it and how much will cost? Thought I see your accounts working in the same way with this strategy and I'm interested. PM me please. Thank you

Louis Larson (LouisLarson)
Sep 29 at 16:58
16 posts
The trading system is 100% based on Martingale or averaging. Which will definitely lead to the loss of the deposit.

Sep 30 at 09:19
245 posts
Averaging - YES
Hedging - YES
Martingale - NO
Track record verified / Trading privileges verified 100% - YES

this system is all about stability and daily self improvement. Almost the same setups works on more than +30 accounts with different brokers like Darwinex or Tikmill or Key to Markets or FxChoice or Weltrade or RoboForex or IC Markets or FXCM or Swissquote___ etc.--- and more than 10 managed PAMM / MAM accounts. The entire history made speak from himself. Track record verified / Trading privileges verified 100%. And yes the SimplexFx take multiple entries on different levels with an simple trading logic: you can never find that perfect entry point with one single shot but you can do it with multiple ones by adding the perfect position size each time according to the balance value of each trading account (risk management). Overbought or oversold indicators like RSI never shows that perfect bottom or perfect entry level.

In the same time the simplexfx system takes hedge positions and protects equity and margin levels. Other setup protection is made through corelated pairs in a so called 'hybrid hedge protection' which is going well in a sideway markets.

You should understand that Forex is the bank business where BIG BOYS LIKE BANKS and BIG FINANCIAL FIRMS are taking large positions in yards (1000 LOTS) not with miroLots or miniLotys like most retail traders, then keep silence and do your daily job. It is better to appreciate and learn when you see something which works and makes money in a business where the rate of success is less than 3% !

Be grateful that you see this kind of systems /results --- keep follow them and maybe one day you'll learn something new which will help you trade better and make some cash to buy you or for your mom a home with a pool or a ferrari, a plain or an entire city and be your own mayor.

History is our real proof: track record verified / trading privileges verified 100%.

More details:

The SimplexFx Team

Oct 23 at 17:50
245 posts
Crypto arena have been having a good time this weeks. This is a good sign for BTC and ETH in the future. Though, it has a long way to go as far big guns are concerned. For retail traders, ETH may be a better option. We have some of this cryptos added to our long term portfolios.

We like to see the BTC at the $100k level mark. Who knows? Maybe this year will get that at that point...

Let's see how all this goes in the near future... till then: trade safe!

All the best

Nov 04 at 17:29
245 posts
Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers Gets Paid in Bitcoin, Gives Away $1 Million in BTC

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is taking a portion of his salary in bitcoin. He also gave away $1 million in the cryptocurrency to his fans in collaboration with Square’s Cash App. “I believe in bitcoin,” he said, adding that “the future is bright.”

Rodgers’ tweet was flooded with people wanting free BTC. At the time of writing, the tweet has been liked 65.2K times and received 111.7K replies. Soon after the announcement, fans claimed to have received bitcoin from the quarterback, posting screenshots of what they received. The amounts varied. For example, some people received about $10 while others received about $100.

What do you think about Aaron Rodgers getting paid in bitcoin and giving away BTC?

All the best

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