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Smart Forex Expert Signal (High Risk) (By SmartForexExpert )

Gain : -10.71%
Drawdown 57.08%
Pips: 118189.3
Trades 2623
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:500
Trading: Automated

Smart Forex Expert Signal (High Risk) Discussion

SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Dec 20 2020 at 12:12
87 posts
Just a bit of an update:

This account is now back to over $34K in profit, and is only $4K away from making a new High-Water Mark in closed profit (previously around $38K).

I just need to point out that the profit figure shown on Myfxbook is not accurate because there is some issue with Myfxbook handling partially closed trades on MT5. A lot of the profitable partially closed trades were not recorded in the Myfxbook analysis.

It is easy to see that with $100K deposit and a current balance of $134K the overall profit should be $34K, yet only $22K was recorded by Myfxbook:

Anyway, we are not far away from making a new high in closed profit, and please don't forget that it's free to join our signal - and you only pay Performance Fee from actual profits made. 😉


Jan 11 at 11:20
27 posts
This EA looks okay to me. I would like some information if you could provide that, thanks.

SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Jan 11 at 11:29
87 posts
Thanks for you interest. You can find out more information about our trading systems under our profile:

Feb 09 at 05:32
19 posts
Your EA looks great. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing this on the platform.

SmartForexExpert (SFETrading)
Feb 09 at 06:38
87 posts
Thanks and we really appreciate your positive feedback. We are now nearly back to all time equity high again.😀

Also, since my previous post, Myfxbook has corrected the issue with their handling of MT5 accounts, and the stats page now reflects the profit figure correctly. A big thank you to the hard working Myfxbook team! 😄


Feb 27 at 09:47
22 posts
The system has some ups and downs but the chart is moving in the right direction now. Good work with this system, keep it up.

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