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Aug 14 2013 at 08:05
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Dear Cyberryder. The reason of the high drawdown on your 'maybe' BMFR account is easy and with your last post on you own system site you gave the answer. The problem of your high drawdown causes in the fact that you withdraw 500 euro from the initital 1k deposit and you did not informed us about the transfer. In our Terms are clearly written 'Before any deposit on- or transfer any money from an active account which has open trades the client must inform Broker Monster Forex Robot before the transfers are done. Otherwise the system will maybe miscalculate active or future trades because of the unreported change in account balance. '. This is the reason why you have so a high drawdown when compare with the other client accounts or our own account... Sorry this is not our fault.

Aug 14 2013 at 16:37
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Cyberryder's draw down is 70%, but even if you half it because of his withdrawal, it is still a substantial 35% floating draw down. Your own floating draw down is around 35%. That is a lot and it can keep on getting bigger if the losing trades you have open (hidden to us) keep marching in the direction opposite their entry price.

“Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?” Robert Browning
Aug 14 2013 at 20:26
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Dear Falcon. It seems that you have absolutely no experience in forex trading! Do you really think you can reach an outstanding performance of 282,47% in less than 5 month without taking any high risk? This is exactly what we have done! We catapulted our account with actually outstanding 282,47% with YES ONLY 35% Drawdown which is not very much for that performance!

EVERY client can decide by himself with how much risk he want to trade our forex robot! If an investor wants to have a very high performance of course he has to take a higher risk e.g. this account with 158% performance but 46.9% drawdown...

A CLIENT which is satisfied with a smaller performance can trade with a smaller risk e.g. this account: with 51,82% performance but ONLY 18% drawdown...

PERFORMANCE and RISK have a deep relationship! High performance aims mean high risk and vince versa...

Please don´t judge us for the chosen risk of clients! You can trade our robot with very small risk by open an account with 10k and only trading 0.2-0.4 lots per trade... or you can open an account with the minimum account size and the minimum lot size of 0.1 lot per trade and you have the highest risk just from the beginning... Up to you and up to your investing style... but all this has nothing to do with the quality of our fore robot!

Our forex robot uses NO GRID, NO MARTINGALE and no other high risk trading strategy... We use safe trade styles and sometimes complex hedge styles... In the long term we make huge profits and also the actually open trades will be hedged if we get in trouble with them and at the end we will close them in BE or in profit... like every time, it only needs some time...

Best Regards, THE BMFR Team!

Dec 03 2013 at 02:30
30 posts
NEW ALL TIME HIGHS! The Drawdown Phase seems over and the ball is rolling. Performance needs Experience!

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