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sPhantom Auto Trader (By sPhantom Auto Trader )

Gain : +694.0%
Drawdown 91.94%
Pips: 1266.4
Trades 261
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:400
Trading: Automated

sPhantom Auto Trader Discussion

Feb 03 2014 at 13:44
256 posts
forexpipcatcha posted:
well derr that's news you and everyone knew of in fact that is what happens when you trust a non experienced and non proven loser like sPhantom who copies trades and alters them rather than a professional. All these fly by EA's with a risk to reward so big like this one of 25:1 always last for a short term (i.e less than a year) and anything lasting a long time certainly wouldn't have such an bad risk to reward...
and I can help myself! 😀

I absolutely agree with u!

Running only Expert advisors with good long term backtests and nice forward tests
Feb 03 2014 at 13:58
256 posts
Jimmeh posted:
corre71 posted:
Hmmm, plus let me explain my point of view! First to take every months the gains suppose u have gains and is recommended with grid martingale strategies, which, if well coded, are profitable in the long run with DD in order of 40%. Second someone is thinking that the short message from the vendor means something: it' s only because some have requested refund to Avangate which have stress ed them. Third if u ever used a profitable ea must knows that the s/l are intended ususally for safety reasons only, the trades only sometimes reach the s/ values (also if tight at only 50 pips). Pls, take the time to review the history of trades of the profitable ea u want and look in the history how many Times trades reached the full sl. Trades are closed earlier based on the algoritms of the ea, but here the ea exists? I have bought this (i cannot use the term ea) only because i saw in the history the worst trade was at -23 pips and the vendor stated many Times 200 pip sl was only for safety reasons. I was not complaining nothing if sphantom took 10 losing trades in a row of 20 - 30 pips, an ea does not necessarily need to be profitable, but here i do not see any ea, any support, only smoke. Pls, opening ur eyes and stop to dream! Jarora was right

Jimmeh, lucky don't last for ever. If u read their website u see celar la stated that this Spahntom don't need any intervention by the users. I know the risk batter than u and so my risk was at 3. If someone sell u a banana a nd in your bag u find a mushroom i think u will ask a refund. Also look strange that u registered in myfxbook few minutes before posting ur suspect post, jimmeh or maybe Brenton or aka the way u with to call u. This is a scrap and the people Who do not under stand this or are sleeping or are in some way involved. Strange that u poster only now, where u was last weeks?

lol ah the old you only just joined so must be aligned with sPhantom. Please. So you know the risks better than I hey? Firstly the 200 sl is actually 250, and the time it made -23 pips it had a drawdown 100 pips and 65 pips running before recovering.... luckily!

Even with this catastrophe the sPhantom account on here is 200% up in under a year... although running at your risk settings that would be 20% lol, but you appear to be chucking all your toys out of the pram. If your risk was at 3 then you lost like 8%. Your beloved Wally lost 7.33% in one trade back in mid 2012 yet you still think that is a good thing yes? Sorry to be harsh but yours seems to be an over-reaction and it is the type of attitude that would see the ea disappear for all, rather than try to improve it for the benefit of everyone. I know it looks like I'm defending them and well I am I guess, but there is no doubt that the trade that was made was completely stupid and there is no defending that! Risking massive loss for a 10 pip gain just before a huge news event is ridiculous and hence why I closed it.

Lastly I actually copied all the data from myfxbook into an excel spreadsheet to see if a customisable or lower emergency stop loss would be a better thing using the drawdown data, but the truth is this was the first time where a shorter stop loss would make the overall account any better. So people calling for trades to be culled at 50 pips or something would see the account looking very dismal and the ea would look like junk. Forex is risky stuff, if you can't handle losses, don't trade forex! Simple.

I trade from 1996, and i forex from about 4 years! As for handling losses My loss is limited to the money i have earned with my EAs in 2 weeks and i am still profitable in January. The game is not to handle a loss, and most of you must know! First came Risk managment and Money managment (which are 2 dirrerent tasks)! The first rule is that u must cut your losses in a way you can continue to trade tomorrow: this is the basic! Here there is no risk/money managment: it was supposed to be done by the analist. I hear 'you can have a custom version with 100 pips s/l or the value u want'. This is not MM! Also u really think this 'sevice' will continue? and if yeas u really are confortable with it? the problem in not to not trade during news releases but to lower the risk, a bad day always happen and will happen again! U must keep your balance safe to trade again tomorow and recover! This is trading, otherwise this is called Gambling. On myfxbook u can find on the most discussed systems a (free) system which is very risky and still running and at least trades frequently, so u will not be bored (i will not say the name of this EA)! Is also free!! i trade this on demo and i am earning a lot (but it will burn the account next)! On the web u can find right now a lots of shiny EAS with few months of incredible gains (are also on myfxbook)! We trade to earn money, not to risk our balance! U can also do not earn from an EA, it does not mean it is a scrap, but a 80% DD in 2 days is insane! also is insane a risk / reward ratio of 25/1.But at least the vendor must reply to the customers

Running only Expert advisors with good long term backtests and nice forward tests
Feb 03 2014 at 15:09
9 posts
redliner posted:
I was planning to buy end of the month.
And, if this EA doesn't suddenly stop, I will still do so.

I don't know if you guys saw this, but you can request a personal mod to the EA with an emergency SL of your choosing.

For me, I'll probably have it reduced to 100 pips, and trade at 15-20% @1:400.
even at 200% in 10 months, it still beats most out there.

I'll keep an eye on the recovery for 2-3 months.

Please keep posting here on how they handle news days from now on. If they stop trading during FOMC, or if they trade in the direction of the news, after the news is out. Such stuff.


I was thinking of a similar thing with a lower stop loss but this is the first time that sPhantom has basically taken such a loss while a few other times it has had big drawdowns before recovering. Look through the data on their account and big drawdowns over 90 pips has been seen 4 times. I mentioned in my previous post doing some testing on an excel spreadsheet, I had a look at what it would be like with 80 pip stop loss and the end result was a 6% profit over the whole account as opposed to the 200% it has made. From memory it hit above 100 three times so going by history, 100 pip sl may well make results worse, but give you piece of mind I guess.

Feb 03 2014 at 15:09
14 posts
Anubis posted:
Well Guys, took the EA offline. Also closed the account with Traders Way (thinking of changing brokers anyway). Since some EA's have a hard time with large balances, going to run this one on demo with a small balance. Doubt if it will make any difference since the EA itself is not balance oriented. We'll see. I believe the EA itself is not to blame for last weeks big loss. It was whoever pulled the switch at the other end to open such a badly timed trade to begin with. Like the old saying goes 'Rule number one: Don't trade the news. Rule number two: Refer to Rule number one'. Good luck in the future Guys. Joseph (Anubis).

We trade with news for over 1 year, no problems.

Feb 03 2014 at 15:09
27 posts
sPhantom posted:
Dear Clients

We as you have very hard moments.

We are creating a new update for this EA.

We will let you as soon as it gets ready.

We have about 1000 unanswered email. Please be patient. We will answer all of them. It may take up to 1 week.

Thanks for your support.



The SPhantom team could have packed up shop and gone on holiday, but they have not.

I am sure they were filled with as much dread as we were as they watched the trade go down the toilet.

We all knew the short comings of sPhantom and we lived with that and still bought it because their algo works........ MOSTLY.

Its the MOSTLY part that we have to manage. I took a 82% hit. And The sting hurts. But I still like their algo and will continue to use it.

What struck me during the trade was how little room there was to try and hedge out of the trade. SPhantom uses a large chunk of the margin.

There was a real opertunity that the trade would return to 1.3636 a one point. The team was probably hoping for that like I was. But the psychology of the market was running scared at that point. And so the fat lady sang.

A 100 pip stop loss is going to be trigged every 2 months or so. So I do not feel that is the answer.

A serious News filter 2 days in advance of of such serious announcements should help.

Feb 03 2014 at 15:10
17 posts
Thanks Jarora, but I see on his wall that some people have already received responses from him. Apologies, and the promise of a new version to be released.

But I have read your evidence earlier, and it is compelling.

That's why I'll first step back for a month or 2, and look carefully if the signals continue, or just stop.
What is missing for me is live, or even demo performance figures on the recommended settings :-(

As a side note. I did take the time on Saturday to look at the website in your signature, but couldn't find anything worthwhile either. A lot of them crashed I see.

And I had a look at a GridEA that's open source and free. I think it's latest mod is vipergridea or something.

Feb 03 2014 at 15:10
17 posts
I think I should stress that I am looking for a high risk strategy at the moment.
I have a bunch of money in a 'lower' risk strategy. An hourglass GreenZone.

I just want to stick a small amount into a higher risk to diversify.

Feb 03 2014 at 15:11
27 posts
forexpipcatcha posted:
You were helping your fellow traders ? Doing what?...
The decision is entirely up to the individual to choose and join the group of losers that have just made short term gains for long term losses. Statistics show that almost everyone loses their money in the long run and those that don't want the universe for you to join them.

Thanks you guys

At least you set up some form of support during the trade.

The market was just too strong ultimately.

Feb 03 2014 at 15:11
9 posts

May I ask where you get this Registrant address from as it is not in the links you provided?? I see 3 of them have had the domain registered through tucows domains which is a domain provider, and FXpapa through godaddy. I'm a bit skeptical of of your claims as all of your recent posts are merely attacking the validity of various ea's while you yourself clearly have your own. How did you come up with the Registrant address?

Feb 03 2014 at 15:13
17 posts
Thanks @Jimmeh !

I'm looking for more analytical views here.
Quick question.
From that Excel data, what looks to be a reasonable emergency SL that won't cull the trades too much?
Before crash sPhantom was running at around 38% per month. If one was willing to cull it via emergency SL to 25-30%, what would the emergency SL be? 150? 200? 120?


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