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SuperScalping (By DindaRisha )

Gain : +34.15M%
Drawdown 52.60%
Pips: 16989.0
Trades 234375
Type: Demo
Leverage: 1:1000
Trading: Unknown

SuperScalping Discussion

Jul 14 2013 at 17:44
25 posts
DindaRisha posted:
Helo World,

I have Try My System not with back test but direct forward test to live market and the result i get 1 M % For First Day
If you want to check my account life in demo account you can login with from my investor pasword

Check my Trade here

Name : Dinda Risha
Login : 72111
Investor : c7esstq (read only password)

you can download first MT4 From this broker

and see how my system work :)


The problem is that scalpers work mostly on demo accounts. There are many evidences of it. The spreads and requotes are a common part of this bussines - they are hidden on demo accounts, but you will see their influence on a real account. I am sorry to tell you such a thing, but forget the 'super' scalpers and try to code your own system. In my opinion, 99,99% of the offered EAs are scam. I have been more than two years live in this bussines and have not found any good EA yet. I tried hundreds of EAs. They do not work. The best mathematical brains on this planet think about how to rob people of money. This is called Forex. There are about three ways to do it: 1) scam brokers and also 'normal' brokers with their requotes, spreads, slips, withdrawal problems, off-line problems, 2) people selling robots, which did work for a certain time period, 3) people living of training courses, writing books and showing us the way to wealth.
NOBODY would sell you a good trading system. If you are not able to code your own EA, look for a proven provider of a managed account.

Jul 14 2013 at 23:42
162 posts
The firm forex-swiss is not forex broker

This company formed to help scam EA sellers by providing fake real accounts , this firm and EA sellers will share the price of EA by cheating the people

Show demo or real account in a forex broker

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