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Swing Trader PRO System (By swingtraderpro)

Gain : +11625.9%
Drawdown 100.00%
Pips: 19938.8
Trades 450
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Manual

Swing Trader PRO System Discussion

superswingtrader (superswingtrader)
Nov 22 2015 at 07:40
10 posts
I have customized my ea with Tp sl trailstop,users can set as inputs instead of the signal's on h4 which comes with 200pip sl/Tp and 14pip trail. Risk to reward isn't satisfying. But swing tradepro signal's are very accurate on h4..

Nov 22 2015 at 07:43
20 posts
Great feedback, folks, all very positive.

Only do, or don't. There is no try.
Sunnyday (Sunnyday)
Nov 23 2015 at 06:27
157 posts
I pay someone to code a EA version of swingtraderpro, but it is not profitable.

Does anyone have a profitable EA version of swingtraderpro?

superswingtrader (superswingtrader)
Nov 23 2015 at 11:00
10 posts

if you are swingtradepro customer, then the EA works. If you don't have swingtradepro then it won't. tks

Nov 24 2015 at 07:15
25 posts
Great result for initial deposit 1800 USD. I don't beleive how it is possible.

Dionysus231 (Dionysus231)
Nov 24 2015 at 19:02
67 posts
Having great results this week. But I have been doing some things different. I no longer make instant market executions. I will only use buy or sell stop orders so I can be sure the market moves in the direction I want it to. If it moves the opposite way I can always adjust it and get a better entry point. I've been getting much better entries and less drawdowns that way. Much less risk of hitting stop loss. I Also I will only take trades that are signaling me to buy or sell in the same direction of the yellow red and blue trend lines. I do not want to trade against the trend with this system. If the trend is sideways I will buy or sell no problem. I also keep adjusting the take profit to the yellow line after trades have been going on for a while. Hope that helps. Happy trading

Dionysus231 (Dionysus231)
Nov 25 2015 at 20:34
67 posts
Just closed eurnzd trade +300 pips at take profit

Nov 26 2015 at 01:55
10 posts
webdude2000 (webdude2000)
Nov 30 2015 at 09:56
36 posts
I have the charts on 1h and it seems pretty good however 4h will be better although with fewer opportunities.

What is everyone else using 1h or 4h ?

Dec 13 2015 at 08:07
5 posts
Hi guys, Can anyone please advise, how many machines can i use 1 account on?Please help..

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