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Trading Company2 (By Mr Nicky )

The user has deleted this system.

Trading Company2 Discussion

Feb 07 2011 at 06:43
54 posts

showbaba posted:
    update pls

which update?

Feb 07 2011 at 06:46
47 posts
i am asking him to update the account so we can see if all is well

Feb 07 2011 at 06:48
54 posts

showbaba posted:
    i am asking him to update the account so we can see if all is well

Oh, i thought u were refering to me, anyway, nobody owns anybody in account updating, by the way which EAs are u using?

Feb 10 2011 at 12:37
230 posts
Tradingcompany posted:
forexma posted:
Tradingcompany posted:
    It has not disappear, i decided to set it on private, cos i dont want to start aguaring with people like you, not my style, i better use my time and chart with sensible traders, not lossers, when i feel, <b>i make it public again just like the rest 3</b>

A promise is a promise BUT Mr. Ben smirt is continuously refusing to update this system. I guess it's blown or in serious trouble.


He's playing dangerous games with other people's money.

Just like i say, loser like u, playing dangerous game with my account? what happens to this account of urs that u have not updated? dude u really need to get ur brain completly formmated, and re-coded, stop stalking around

In Solar's defense, he has really cleared a lot of the $hit out on this forum and I appreciate his hard work in rubbing the wrong people the right way. He has definitely opened my eyes. And it's funny because I've seen you congratulate Solar in other threads for asking the right questions to the wrong people. Whether you want to be hard headed about updating this account is up to you, but the fact that it hasn't been updated speaks volumes.

rfx (ranesh)
Feb 10 2011 at 13:10
257 posts
You won't see another update here Patience. Why? Because he has blown this account. Which is why he blatantly lied about his 55% equity being a myfxbook bug. He thought we're fools and would accept his baloney about the bug story. Which is why he freaked out when I posted here that I've checked directly with myfxbook to clarify his story and that they took the trouble to check his account and made it quite clear that there is NO bug as per the last update of this account that was published. He's had more than enough time to clear his name and the accusation of being a blatant liar, cheat and a scammer. His inaction only proves without a shadow of a doubt that he indeed is all of the above > A LIAR, A CHEAT AND A SCAMMER. He has blown up 2 accounts in about 2 months. That's an average of 1 blown account every month.

He's just using OPM (Other People's Money for those who are not familar) to gamble for unreal MASSIVE gains just to attract other naive people only to bust their money like he has done with this account and the other one Solar has pointed out. I think it's Trading Company5 -,1 - he has deleted this.

Although I noticed in the beginning that he was posting his junk every few minutes on every other trader's (especially other MM's) threads just to have his system ALWAYS listed on the RECENT discussions section, the moment he left his junk on my thread I had to get on his case.... and boy was I right about him.

The fact that he's a deceptive liar alone should be sufficient to make people run as far away as they can from this guy.

P.S : Ben, I will make a public apology on ALL of YOUR threads if you update THIS account and prove me wrong. Thereafter you'll need to clear up as to why you deleted tradingcompany5 and replaced it with a different account under that same name. I am sure SOLAR will also be willing to apologize if you are able to prove him wrong.

Feb 14 2011 at 00:13
230 posts

ranesh posted: his 55% equity being a myfxbook bug.

I've had a few bugs on my accounts over the months so I found this to be a believable excuse until you reported that myfxbook stated it wasn't a bug. But since an update hasn't been forthcoming, that pretty much said it all for me. C'est la vie.

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