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Vortex Trader PRO (By vortextraderpro )

Gain : +2131.88%
Drawdown 27.67%
Pips: 2247.4
Trades 474
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:200
Trading: Automated

Vortex Trader PRO Discussion

Nov 22 2015 at 01:14
41 posts
Aristotel posted:
O-o-o! Hi guys! It looks like good. Where can I get this EA to test it on my real acc? Is it available for autotrade?

Martin101 (Martin101)
Nov 22 2015 at 07:46
32 posts
I'm not going into details but just go to Youtube, and search 'Heiken Ashi charts' loads of information about this. Personally, I think it work far better than I expected.

Martin101 (Martin101)
Nov 22 2015 at 07:46
32 posts
This system is not a EA or mirror trader but manual trading but it really works....😄

Nov 23 2015 at 07:41
2 posts
So just got an email from 'Doug' about the new trader EA scalp trader pro. It annoys me he keeps churning out EA after EA and just lets the older ones that he sold us with a 'lifetime' of support fail with no updates! Vortex is not keeping up with the results he posts, seems strange he doesn't do anything about that but churns out new systems to try to flog people!

mohideen171 (mohideen171)
Nov 23 2015 at 07:51
21 posts
He keeps knocking your doors until you keep buying.😇

ddr555 (ddr555)
Nov 23 2015 at 10:33
176 posts
mohideen171 posted:
He keeps knocking your doors until you keep buying.😇

That is his sells strategy!!! When a person knocks doors too much you should understand that he is going to give bad product.

Be Vegan, Make Peace
Nov 23 2015 at 11:01
6 posts
Dear Mr.Price

instead of keep launching new products, why don't you update the current ones, the one that have been sold to many many many people like rev trader & vortex trader pro, both don't show good results lately, so instead of launching new product, you can easily add the strategy to the current product, say rev & vortex now equipped with swing,channel & scalp techniques, i think thats even better and you can keep your good reputation for the longer time, if your rev/vortex can performs very well, the sales is increasing, by the end of the day, the results is the same right? money flows into your pocket, doesn't matter it cames from rev, vortex, ct., swingtp, or scalpt, but if you keep issuing new product and ignoring the previous one, more and more people will be disappointed at you sir.

thank you

Nov 23 2015 at 16:59
106 posts
I have been updating the other systems, recently, I just don't announce it, because it doesn't require updates on your end.

Nov 24 2015 at 07:13
25 posts
Not bad, but time to time has pair of deals with a big loss. It's strangely.

Nov 26 2015 at 01:07
39 posts
i have realized one thing in life and this occurs with everything....

if you become someone who sells something, or someone famous like an actor, singer or anything else...even a friend to many people, not everyone is going to love you or like you....there will always ALWAYS be someone who will dislike you, criticize you, bag you out...

i have accepted this as a fact of life...and sometimes, maybe more often than sometimes the negative is heard more louder than the positive

because i have accepted this as a fact of life, and a part of life, when i do hear a negative, i most often dismiss it or ignore it because of the above reasons...there will always be someone negative....always

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