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Winner-X (By MichaelRemshu)

Gain : +4767.21%
Drawdown 81.95%
Pips: 2010.7
Trades 295
Type: Real
Leverage: 1:100
Trading: Manual

Winner-X Discussion

Jun 28 2011 at 20:45
2 posts
yes mr. awadis, i will post shortly statement from awadis, too bad that i dont have a screenshot of the old homepage, its the same style than winner-x. dont be fool people!
only with grand capital and some other bulls*** brokers!
Have lost with awadis 10.000 €
i dont can do more than warning other peoples!
by the way michal remshu, i have collect some informations from grand capital and you, do some work with police in moskow. we will see :)

MichaelRemshu (MichaelRemshu)
Jun 29 2011 at 02:17
56 posts

to: cracko2 and Scams

you are both registered in the same time (June 24) to specifically lie and slander me? I understand you are traders who do not get traded and you can only just come up with a lie, speak on people, yes? ))

For normal people report that the site owner my colleague, friend - the trader (a student) had experience in Forex since 2003, and I have since 1997, I taught his trade. If you want cracko2 Scams and I'll teach you, too, but only for a fee.

Liars and slanderers, I block, I'm sure they will be registered again and to write against my trade a variety of lies.

ps: cracko2 Scams who are you? where do you live? i need to know it.


pss: And once again I want to clarify that for each broker in Internet of negative information, and then think .... Who could write this negative information? )))

Competition: The broker against a broker, trader against trader ... it's a closed competitive war ....

Do not be naive and do not believe a liar like crako2 and other scams )))

Winner-X - for successful people!
MichaelRemshu (MichaelRemshu)
Jun 29 2011 at 02:48
56 posts
and i work with other brokers but have individual condition for it...

Winner-X - for successful people!
Jul 18 2011 at 17:06
106 posts
mr awadis looking for innocent and vulnerable people to prey on for his personal gains.

MichaelRemshu (MichaelRemshu)
Jul 20 2011 at 01:26
56 posts
temitope123 posted:
    mr awadis looking for innocent and vulnerable people to prey on for his personal gains.

You're lying. And I have you blocked)


Winner-X - for successful people!
MichaelRemshu (MichaelRemshu)
Aug 06 2011 at 12:00
56 posts
Hello my friends!

August: +5.06%
Jule: +42%

Total from April: +418% (real account)

NEWS of 6 august:

1) Today, I sent all of its customers, new and updated (optimized) version of the Winner-X, which will increase profitability in the current month.

2) I have a very favorable environment for partners who can recommend to my investors to trade. And also those who want to earn from selling the Winner-X. Very favorable terms. Refer to my contacts.

3) August 10, Winner-X price increases twice, and is 2000 USD. I increased the cost because, I am sure that my efficiency is increased.

4) I set up an opportunity to get Winner-X in installments on more favorable terms.

5) For the VIP investors from the amount of USD 70 000 I have - exclusive conditions.

My contacts:
YM: michael.remshu
Skype: michaelremshu


Winner-X - for successful people!
Aug 25 2011 at 11:28
2 posts
Wazzaaaap yoooo,
Very stable growth lately...😉

Sep 01 2011 at 05:54
1008 posts

pc8multifx posted:

Good luck to all your 'investors' with this broker!

 BTW, I don't see any supportive posts here of your 'investors' ..I guess soon they will pop up😉

FPA database is actually coming in handy. Thanks for posting

MichaelRemshu (MichaelRemshu)
Sep 20 2011 at 09:08
56 posts
Hellom my friends!

August is always a dangerous month for trading. Since the low liquidity and no logical market. After a 47% drawdown, I decided to stop trading in order to rest.

I recently graduated from the rest, and during the 2 days I have changed the algorithm Winner-X and now the new algorithm completely, gives a more refined to me and my confidence in investors high returns.

For 2 weeks the new Winner-X has earned 118% on a real account. Those investors, who since August have remained with me - they have regained their losses and still working!

At this point I can offer investors under the terms of cooperation that had not previously been on the market account management!

By the way, before the end of September, I plan to have 140% more money with the help of Winner-X!

Write to:

skype: michael.remshu


Winner-X - for successful people!
Sep 24 2011 at 03:06
162 posts
If there was profit in August wouldn't have 'dangerous' month.

Investors lost nearly 50% of capital. So it became 'dangerous'

As it already lost 50%, there is possibility to loose 100% capital

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