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Yen Drive Real Money Hot Forex (By Drive Expert Advisors )

The user has deleted this system.

Yen Drive Real Money Hot Forex Discussion

Dash (LKForex)
Aug 07 2012 at 07:59
182 posts
those profit arent gonna cover your margin call son. this ea will go bust eventually if it keeps adding anymore losing positions.

Get Rich or Die Trying
Aug 23 2012 at 09:25
2 posts
High Risk for sure will wipeout you account. Medium let you play a little bit longer. Low Risk settings will give you much more time but end will be the same.
Support is ok only if you will not ask them about problems. They are showing High Risk accounts to make good result for a while and make selling easier. If some acccount will blow up they make it private:

Its not long term system. Its not even medium term system. It can work for you for month or two and then be ready for typical end.

Drive Expert Advisors (drive)
Aug 23 2012 at 09:53
18 posts

We show performance in low and high risk mode.

Each investor has different risk profile and want to play differently.

This is the account, never blow out, we add other strategies ( do not sell some strategies ) and you can see so far 53% gain on gross basis in real money account.

Aug 23 2012 at 10:18
272 posts
I bought Drive several months ago. My advice is: Stay away. Sooner or later it doesn't close a basked of trades and your account will sag under the weight of drawdown by open orders in negative.

Sep 16 2012 at 21:28
2 posts
I have three months with this system, and once got 30% downdrawn, but came back to small profit.
After that, only have got to 9% downdrawn and some small profit gains. So I does not close trades in loss.

I guess if you put right settings could be a good system.

LKForex posted:
They vendor hiding one of their demo account becos of high dd doesnt mean the EA doesnt work. the EA works, but u should only use it on low risk due to the high floating DD it can produce. atm 0.01 lot per 2k seem to work. i like the hedging concept, if done right, it can be very profitable. so lets just wait and see how this EA performs, give it another 1-2 month before u put some judgement.

Sep 16 2012 at 21:28
2 posts
The system works, what you should decide if is the right one for you.

Mar 03 2013 at 07:17
1 posts
Someone can send the email of Yen Drive support? cuz i have problems with payment. Thanks.

Sumskoy (sumskoy)
Aug 26 2013 at 06:37
4 posts
Hi, Someone has this EA? I want to test! If there is, please send me an email or private message! Thanks in advance!

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