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yoorforex1 Discussion

Jun 14 2010 at 09:09
62 posts
Dear Steve,

the ea I use are mixing strategy of scalping, hedging, ranging, trending, grid.

As you can see the details in backtests, the ea does not wait the sl to be reached on EURUSD and GBPUSD , it prefers taking a small loss, and inverse the trade eventually or wait for a better opportunity.

Jun 14 2010 at 09:12
62 posts
I also offer for the next 2 other accounts 25% commission

I have many contacts still waiting, it's time to recompensate those who take action, you have all transparency elements available...

Jun 23 2010 at 17:58
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HI folks,

I started a small live account for those who doubt of real results...a little difference will be observed due to type of quote between FXpro and Activtrades. This is not our first publication, and our ea is confirmed, not an experimentation.

We'll have more accounts to publish at the end of July.

Jun 28 2010 at 06:33
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Today we are happy to launch our EA audusd which is complemenatry to the others used to some extent :

- it rises montlhy growth
- it keeps global drawdown at same level, and even decreases it with hedging between ea

We now reach a ratio 1:1 between profit and drawdown for the global calcul of these 3 ea.

Jul 03 2010 at 05:54
4 posts
Dear all,

This is very important to mention that this last losing trade has not happened on live account with FXpro, I have backtest for it.
On Varengold, we have backtest (demo = live)

We have backtest for 10 years for robot AUDUSD
For EURUSD, we do not have backtest as desactivations included in time can not be integrated, and there was case of losses during high impact info release.
For GBPUSD, this is the same.

I wish to precise that we will have an automatized system for desactivation end of july.

For account opened just now with Varengold, this is a demo and expire 15 days. Yes I know, it's really boring changing account for you and me, but no choic actually.

For any proof, please send email to

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