😎 The cryptocurrency sector has experienced steady and considerable growth in recent years, in fact it is estimated that the trend will last a whole decade. According to a report by HSBC, it is estimated that more than 500 million users will be trading cryptocurrencies by 2030 and close to 1 billion users by 2040. However, it is not always easy to generate successful trades in such an immature market where the fluctuations - hardly predictable - coupled with the volatility of market prices demand full-time dedication from traders. At least that was the trend until now. Fortunately we have 3commas, an automated trading platform that offers much more than sophisticated tools.

With a commitment to helping traders win regardless of market conditions, 3Commas provides a trading platform that sits between users and the stock market. In other words, 3commas is an ecosystem that delivers:
Innovative trading features
Customised portfolios
Customised bots for multiple trading accounts
Access to one of the largest cryptocurrency marketplaces available, designed for traders to share knowledge, strategies and bot codes.
With a selection of bots to choose from, traders can maximise their profits by never missing a great opportunity, replacing emotions with reliable strategies, better discipline, more energy, more reach and the ability to execute trades 24/7 every day of the year in an automated and simple way.

Whatever strategy a trader is looking to execute, 3Commas can be of great help. Users can choose from a variety of bots: from the DCA bot, the GRID bot, the Options bot, the HODL bot or our latest addition: the smart bot based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

✔ 3Commas' Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) bot allows users to accumulate profits incrementally over time with consistent investments, ultimately reducing the average entry price and making it easier to achieve Take Profit targets.

✔ The GRID bot helps traders automatically make profits with little effort in a sideways market where the monthly price trend moves horizontally versus vertically, oscillating up and down. Users choose a currency and an initial investment, and the bot does the rest by buying when the price goes down and selling when it goes up.

✔ The options bot helps traders deploy one of the most challenging and potentially profitable strategies. It allows traders to buy option premiums at a fixed price (strike price) within a specific expiry date.

✔ The HODL (Hold on for Dear Life) bot helps traders make long-term investments by accumulating assets with better returns over time by buying the underlying asset(s) at reasonable entry points.

✔ Smart Bot is the latest 3Commas bot for people new to automated cryptocurrency trading. It's a modified version of our incredibly flexible DCA Bot with some of the more complicated options already filled in for you.

🤩🤩 Are you ready to start investing in crypto without a full-time commitment?