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Broker recommendation!

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Sep 24 at 06:29
43 příspěvků
I am using ZFX as my main broker. low spread and low commission are actually a must in ECN account.
They even offer rebate from commission . Of course it depends on your lot size

Sep 24 at 12:36
38 příspěvků
My recommendation is FP Markets. The broker is reliable in providing good spreads and trading conditions.

The commission costs are lower, and there are no issues like spreads widening or servers freezing.

Sep 27 at 11:13
49 příspěvků
I use Coinexx. Their trading conditions are quite good. The orders get executed quickly and there are no price delays.

Sep 28 at 11:16
52 příspěvků
AbubakarSabiu posted:
Do you use bots?

Sorry for the late reply buddy! I trade with them using EAs.

Sep 28 at 12:57
37 příspěvků
I recommend trading with an ASIC broker FP Markets. I trade with their raw ecn account with a robust trading condition with good spreads, and its commission cost is lower than other ecn brokers.

Oct 04 at 10:40
338 příspěvků
To find a good broker, one should do enough research on this topic. Regulation is the first thing they should check. Then check deposit method. You may like a broker but may not have way to deposit in it.

Oct 04 at 10:42
363 příspěvků
So far, of all the options for work, I consider the broker from Amarkets to be the best. In terms of work, this is still really the option with which I was completely satisfied.

Oct 06 at 18:19
450 příspěvků
A broker can change your life. So choose your broker wisely.

Oct 08 at 13:33
37 příspěvků
'I mostly recommend FP Markets because they have a reliable trading condition with some of the lowest spreads and commission costs.

Their minimum opening balance is $100 AUD, and no issues during deposits or withdrawals.

Oct 17 at 10:56
283 příspěvků
the main thing is not to fall into the hands of scammers, and you can weed them out very easily all the same, work only with trusted companies

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