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Anthony Rizal (AnthonyWins)
Feb 11 2019 at 13:52
212 příspěvků
The EUR/USD has already reached 1.1297 and now I'm expecting an upward movement to 1.14750. Be careful if the support will be breached.

kieran (snapdragon1970)
Feb 11 2019 at 21:28
1945 příspěvků
Daily chart looks like its going to much lower ,12150 one possibility

"They mistook leverage with genius".
Chong Kong yyaw (ckyaw)
Feb 12 2019 at 06:42
1 příspěvků
stevewalker posted:
this thread is about EUR/USD

please feel free to post your forecast/comments/thoughts about that pair.


now EU is down trend i sell at price 1.13144 SL at price 1.3134
TP is no limit

Feb 12 2019 at 14:41
8 příspěvků
It is downtrend but I wait for pull back before short. Price now below 1.1300. I set Sell limit at 1.1300 Tp at 1.1250 Tp open as well. This could fall far

Anthony Rizal (AnthonyWins)
Feb 13 2019 at 09:53
212 příspěvků
The U.S. news will be today later: Consumer Price Index, Building Permits, Crude Oil Inventories.
But technically, I see a continuation of the upward movement as the correction after the fall of EUR/USD.

Feb 13 2019 at 11:48
10 příspěvků
Upward movement? I think that the correction had already happened and price will fall no matter what the CPI data is . Start of a longer trend down for euro me thinks

Feb 13 2019 at 14:50
10 příspěvků
I think upward movement will follow later today. Might be a retest of the 1.1260 support first but I will be going long once the move down stalls

Feb 13 2019 at 15:18
58 příspěvků
i think it to its a market makers move to wipe out the buy stoplosses long
en to trap the seller in short

i trade to make money not to be right
Feb 14 2019 at 08:58
162 příspěvků
i think 1.1225 is now a possibility

Feb 14 2019 at 14:54
11 příspěvků
Next support is 1.1210 on my charts. If price breaks todays low then we will fall down to 1.1210 and maybe 1.1200

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