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What safety measure I need to take before choosing any forex broker?

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jul 01 at 09:20
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Tremblay posted:
Marshalsam877 posted:
I think the most important thing to look at is the reputation of the broker. In my opinion you should only trade with big guns such as interactive brokers or schwab.

Yes. You are right. this is the most important thing.

Sometimes you do not need to go with the reputed broker, also explore new brokers with good trading conditions and look for low spreads, low commissions and regulations also.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 04 at 22:49
174 příspěvků
I am already found my broker and work with them for more than eight years, so far so good and no problem, this company regulated in ASIC, FCA, and Cysec, namely FXOpen broker, about spread in my view also included low or competitive spread, especially pair USD included XAUUSD.

Sep 16 at 16:44
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Speaking about safety measures, then I guess you should determine whether a potential broker a scam or not. It's kinda easy to determine, you just need to check licenses and apply to customer support. Often customer support give you the understanding that you would better stay off a broker. It replies too long and pretty rude. Scammers don't care about customer support, hence it's awful. Moreover, you have to check withdrawal and depositing process. Actually, there are no issues with depositing, while there might be some troubles with wthdrawals in case of scam. Check these things and make some conclusions.

Oct 05 at 06:53
672 příspěvků
First you have to see whether the broker is regulated and licensed or not. If not regulated and licensed, move to another one. Then check the facilities you want for your trading like deposit method, spreads, leverage etc.

Oct 05 at 08:13
500 příspěvků
I would advise you to read reviews, see what the company is in general, work on a demo account.

Oct 05 at 14:33
374 příspěvků
First safety is regulation and license. If the broker is properly regulated and licensed, then you can go for it if other things match your requirements.

Oct 06 at 02:20
703 příspěvků
No matter which broker I go to, it must be regulated.

Oct 14 at 18:15
25 příspěvků
There are lots of measures which you need to choose a broker in order to trade safely. For example, you ought to check all the information about your broker mostly because you need to be convinced that everything is okay with and it's not a scammer. There are several ways how to do it. Forstly, you have to check all the information concerning regulations,licenses and certifications. Secondly, you should check client service from a certain broker, how fast they reply, how polite are they and something liek that. Finally, you should check that there are no issues with withdrawing and depositing money.

Nov 07 at 00:48
703 příspěvků
You need to choose a regulated broker to build loyalty. And it would be better if the spread of that broker is less.

Nov 11 at 08:26
18 příspěvků
The main safety measure is to convince that your broker might be considered as a reliable one. I believe that there are sveral ways how to determine a proper broker. For example, I always chekc three main things in my opinion, which can determine whether a broker is reliable or not. These things are the work of customer support, processes of withdrawing and depositing money, and the presence of regulations and certifications. I think you have to check these things before pick a particular broker as your primary, maybe it isn't the same as you got used to think.

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