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Whats your opinion on the most important aspects of a trading system

Mar 13 at 10:38
939 příspěvků
The most important thing in this industry is to pay attention to experience. I think this is the most important aspect.
Mar 14 at 10:36
801 příspěvků
The most important thing is experience. This is by far the most important aspect for success.
Mar 15 at 11:27
939 příspěvků
In fact, there can be a lot of aspects. More important is to be able to correctly interpret which of them are the most important.
Mar 24 at 07:06
73 příspěvků
Identifying the right entry and exit point in trade and using a risk management strategy are the two most important things that every trader should know while trading.
Apr 04 at 08:07
23 příspěvků
Your exit strategy is very important. It doesn’t only let you stick to your trading plan but also eliminates emotions to a great extent.
Apr 07 at 05:18
26 příspěvků
It’s not worth trading if you don’t have a money management strategy. The market is so alluring that you may want to put all your money into it. But it would be done efficiently only if you have a well-built money management strategy.
Apr 12 at 08:21
38 příspěvků
It has to be your strategy. Your strategy is not less than the soul of your trading plan. It doesn’t only tell you when to move but also when to stop. It tells how many trades you should execute and when you should close your trading positions. And it also tells you how much you should use per trade and how much you can afford to lose.
Apr 18 at 08:04
22 příspěvků
Risk management is surely the most important aspect of your trading strategy. When you have a risk management strategy handy, you know how to handle losses and how to keep trading in all market situations.
Apr 19 at 10:06
34 příspěvků
According to me, it has to be staying consistent in profit making strategies. It is every trader’s end goal and the reason people invest. A strong risk management plan is necessary to make it for a longer period in the tricky market conditions.
Apr 25 at 10:36
30 příspěvků
Most important in my opinion are risk and money management techniques and you can’t achieve success without employing them. Here are a few factors that should always be considered before making trading decisions:

Having a risk reward ratio is essential

Using stop loss

Backing decisions with a set of smart trading strategies

Also, it is always beneficial to plan entry and exits before entering a trade
Apr 28 at 05:04
31 příspěvků
For me, the most important element of trading is Stop Loss. The benefits of using a stop-loss order are that it eliminates the need to constantly check your instrument’s performance on a daily basis.

May 03 at 08:00
32 příspěvků
According to me the key aspect to success is effective management. For successful trading, both risk and money must be appropriately handled. With this working on the plan on a regular basis is also beneficial.
May 05 at 04:13
26 příspěvků
Becoming too emotional about money and not understanding the market properly are the most common mistakes traders make.
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