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Oct 07 at 09:57
25 příspěvků
Emotions are not at all dangerous, it's a matter of controlling them when trades are not going according to your expectations or plans.

Oct 07 at 10:40
98 příspěvků
Dangerous or not, emotional is not the right trait to have while you are trading, it is quite risky and can lead to the wrong judgment in your trading.

Oct 07 at 12:11
33 příspěvků
cardigan posted:
Dangerous or not, emotional is not the right trait to have while you are trading, it is quite risky and can lead to the wrong judgment in your trading.

I agree with you, emotional decisions in forex can only lead to losses and risks.

Lee Baxter (bax699)
Oct 07 at 12:15
27 příspěvků
there can be no emotions in trading the markets. This will be your downfall

Oct 07 at 13:39
337 příspěvků
Emotions in the process of work are a very dangerous factor. In my opinion, this can really harm the trader and lead to a negative result.

Oct 07 at 19:05
4 příspěvků
Emotional trading is something that you have to avoid in order to stay stable. Mental stability is one of the most important things in trading activity mostly because it determines whether you will have a good trading day or not. I believe that emotional trading is more susceptible to rookies, because they can't handle their emotions because of lack of skill and experience. nevertheless I would advice all beginners to learn some information about how to stay emotionally stable. It really matters a lot. Emotional trading often leads to plenty of losses and sometimes even to bad diseases. So, know this.

Oct 08 at 11:16
53 příspěvků
Emotions are natural and one can never control them. What a trader can do to avoid emotional trading is to stop reacting to the points that trigger their emotions, for example when a trader faces a loss. If a trader does not react to such circumstances it is highly unlikely for them to fall into the emotional trading trap.

Oct 12 at 13:58
283 příspěvků
emotions are such a moment that can bring both benefit and failure, all the same decisions are made with emotions different than under normal conditions

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Oct 12 at 17:01
109 příspěvků
Sorry to hear about the bad luck! I think it's normal to feel some emotion while trading but the important thing is to manage it and not allow it to affect your trading plan. If you need to, step away and take a breather when this sort of thing happens or do something that makes you feel relaxed, then come back with a clear head.

Oct 12 at 19:24
5 příspěvků
The only thing for you to recover your trading is to analyse your past mistakes. Otherwise, you are going to make the same mistakes in the future and the outcome will be the same. That is why I support the idea of having a trading diary where you can write all your thoughts which made you make this or that decision. It is a very nice tool to trak down your own trading strategy and its downsides.

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