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How to choose a regulated forex broker?

Oct 12 at 13:18
283 příspěvků
to begin with, it is not so important which broker you will work with, the main thing is not with scammers, here is an example of Amarkets, an excellent option for beginners, and not only, I myself have been working with them for more than two years on excellent conditions

Oct 26 at 14:35
19 příspěvků
It's pretty simple. You should just read the whole information about your broker and be convinced that its regulators are trustworthy and well-known. In my opinion, regulations and certifications aren't the only things which can point on reliability of a broker. Also, you should heck customer support and system and conditions on depositing and withdrawing money. In this case, after thorough checking you can consider this broker as realiable or not. I guess that traders always should check their brokers because you can't even notice that it cheats on you until you want to withdraw money for example.

Oct 29 at 09:41
25 příspěvků
There is nothing difficult to choose a regulated broker. As a rule, brokers always publish this information and they don't try to conceal it actually. In my opinion, if you faced a broker which conceal this information, then you can make conclusions, that you have faced a scamming broker, but not a reliable one. If you faced a brokr which doesnt have any regulations, then don't hurry to make conclusions. There are some brokers which have no regulations, but they're considered to be reliable. Here you should check the work of a customer support and the mechanism of withdrawing/depositing money.

Nov 03 at 11:22
338 příspěvků
Yes it is not that difficult to choose a broker but for that one needs to do research to find out a regulated broker. Broker website mentions the regulatory authorities name and you have to check their website to recheck.

Nov 03 at 14:28
363 příspěvků
Alternatively, ask for advice from those traders who have been working with a particular company for a long time.

Suradi (FXOday)
Nov 03 at 23:06
170 příspěvků
A regulated broker is an important matter for the trader, especially them as professional traders will surely use a regulated broker because has higher standard security and more comfortable to use the service, I am also of course use regulated broker by ASIC, FCA, and Cysec, I have good experience with this broker so far and no intention to looking another broker at this time.

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