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Indicators are reliable but

Sep 30 at 19:05
8 příspěvků
The role of indicators shouldn't be overrated. They are only the tools which help a trader make decisions. The first thing you should pay attention to is the chart itself, and only after it you can you can turn to indicators which will confirm or reject your ideas. More than that, you'd better use several indicators at the same time in order to get a clear-cut idea of the current market situation.

Oct 01 at 06:58
500 příspěvků
It should be understood that indicators are not always reliable - you should be ready for this. Otherwise, the result may not be the most positive.

Oct 04 at 07:47
29 příspěvků
In my opinion, indicators are reliable in forex trading. I base this opinion on my own personal experiences with indicators and the experiences of others that I know that use indicators. Indicators’ utility differs from person to person based on what they like and the kind of strategy they want to use.

Oct 04 at 10:45
371 příspěvků
If you write that the indicators are reliable, this will not give reliability. You need to look for really reliable and good indicators.

Oct 23 at 15:40
17 příspěvků
There is no guarantee that all of the indicators are reliable and professional traders should understand this as well as rookies. There is nothing in trading which can give you a hundred percent result. Everything depends on the combination of factors. If we speak about fundamental analysis, then I can claim that if you're experience enough in it, you can predic the future price movement. If we speak about technical analysis, then there is also a probability that you will guess the future price direction, nevertheless it's not hundred percent. Be careful with it and never rely on your conclusions on hundred percent.

Oct 23 at 16:06
40 příspěvků
Of course, indicators are reliable. There are some good trading strategies based on indicators. However, one needs to learn and do enough back testing before using indicators. Time frame is an important factor as well. Some indicators work well on particular time frame, which needs be found out by traders.

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