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Jan 05 at 19:54
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Tuxedo888 posted:
Every method is profitable if you know how to trade it and you must be disciplined

I agree with you on discipline, but the method/Strategy what ever you wish to call it MUST have an edge in your favour on the percentage wins verses loses.

So once you have your Strategy, Remember Trading is a Business an Occupation of work. (Not Gambling)

1.You wait for a trade set up.
2. Open your position. or (Positions if you average in to trades)
3.Stop , TP in place.
4.Win - Lose

Back again to number 1. and start again.

Trading should be Mundane , you are in full control of your emotions. You take the Wins and Loses
Win v Lose doesn't matter as your Strategy Edge (MUST) give you a positive £% outcome over the week-Month -Year.

Really nice post, i know for sure if people journalled their trades they would see they dont follow one of these steps in some way or another

Suradi (FXOday)
Jan 05 at 23:26
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I just think both is a correlation, method trading is about how trader decided to make new entries, then discipline also needed to keep trading work always on the track,
trader need to found profitable method and keep work fully discipline

Jan 07 at 19:37
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Both are significant and they contribute to your trading results equally much. That is why there should be no differentiation between which side to move. You need to be knowledgable and self-disciplined at the same time, otherwise, your trading will be unpredictable and there will be lots of losses which are sure to kill your trading account.

Jan 07 at 20:02
642 příspěvků
Both aspects play an important role for the trader. So I would advise you to pay attention to both aspects.

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