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News trading is very tempting

Jun 04 at 07:31
17 příspěvků
News trading is a better way to trade forex as it opens the possibilities that we might miss due to busy on forex terminals.

Jun 04 at 10:05
13 příspěvků
I believe in FA and TA more than news.

Jun 05 at 11:23
446 příspěvků
News trading is a good option for the new traders.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Jun 07 at 05:50
187 příspěvků
Yes, indeed it is the best way to trade forex.

Jun 08 at 07:55
65 příspěvků
There are advantages to working on the news, but here you need to be as focused and highly savvy as possible.

Jun 09 at 11:11
446 příspěvků
RobSchiz posted:
News trading is a good option for the new traders.

Traders should have enough knowledge about it.

Jul 20 at 06:05
49 příspěvků
That’s true. News trading is not profitable every time because that makes the currency pair more volatile, having the most fluctuations. One should be very careful before going for news trading.

Albert Zieba (Master_Z)
Jul 21 at 19:53
7 příspěvků
News constantly affects price movement, and if you think that you are not trading news, then anyway, this is not true. The news background can be more saturated or scarce in terms of events. It is more important to understand the consequences that are caused by news and events, to analyze their impact on the financial environment.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jul 21 at 23:08
167 příspěvků
If traders don't want to take a risk, avoid news trading, because the impact of the news often making the price move high volatility up and down rapidly
if you having bad emotional control, mews trading is dangerous

Jul 21 at 23:30
6 příspěvků
I think it's important to understand that news exists. But all the people on here saying that YOU HAVE TO TRADE THE NEWS or that trading news is best, they're just plain wrong. Example: New trader sees a nice setup, news is about to hit. They avoid the trade due to possible volatility. I think it's so funny watching people who know nothing give advice. THERE IS NO BEST WAY TO TRADE, I REPEAT, THERE IS NO BEST WAY TO TRADE. smh

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