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Psychology of Forex Trading

Aug 06 2019 at 19:09
624 příspěvků
In Fx trading, learning is not easy despite of having too many sources including pips school, learning sometimes boning and usually new traders get tempts to start trading without enough knowledge and become fascinated with the way of trading live which may cause laziness and trapped by wishful thinking get rich quickly scheme

Aug 07 2019 at 10:25
12 příspěvků
People who want to 'get rich quick' are lazy. FACT. They will always fail because they do not want to put the effort in

Aug 09 2019 at 08:22
41 příspěvků
BBBLack posted:
People who want to 'get rich quick' are lazy. FACT. They will always fail because they do not want to put the effort in

agreed, there is no way in world you 'get rich quick' except if you won any lottery :D

Aug 09 2019 at 14:06
11 příspěvků
learn hard, demo hard, practice hard, - play hard. Without hard work there is nothing

Aug 09 2019 at 17:59
364 příspěvků
Learning is the foremost ways to keep survive in this volatile trading place in a proper way. But sorry to say maximum traders who are particularly newcomers try to make money from here without learning. As a result they become loser when trading practically. It would be great if we choose the broker which always ensures best trading environment for learning this trading place by providing exclusive educational facilities.

Aug 12 2019 at 11:17
7 příspěvků
Demo account is best learning environment for new trader. Risk free place to experiment and learn. I am trying to learn but it is time consuming and so much information. It is difficult to know what to read and what to ignore

Aug 12 2019 at 16:45
144 příspěvků
The best practice to successfully and easily trade forex is to keep your trading system as simple as possible and use predetermined or preset entry exit plans before trade entry so that you don't have to interfere with trades once the trades are open.

You can plan as much as your want before trade entry, but NOT once the trades are open. Just leave the trades and let them hit your profit target or stoploss. This kind of approach will fast forward the learning process in forex trading by avoid mistakes due to emotions.

But every few hours if you look into the charts and the open trades and adjust the trades etc, there is a high chance of failure than success even after years of practice in demo or live.

Aug 14 2019 at 08:53
28 příspěvků
Never be overconfident and don’t become egoistic while accepting your mistakes, rather learn form them. Practice hard and keep researching new strategies.

Aug 14 2019 at 09:42
19 příspěvků
But at the same time, a trader should not be self-doubt and afraid of mistakes. Also, sometimes it’s important to stay and stick to your strategy.

Aug 16 2019 at 08:23
624 příspěvků
Before large investments we generally open a demo account in a broker to see the performance how it works. But I have seen, after large investments brokers attitude changes sometimes that is not available in micro accounts.

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