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Which Broker is Best for High leverage ?

Oct 21 at 09:53
19 příspěvků
It's pretty difficult to determine which broker is the best for high leverage, because all brokers have their own leverages and some of them don't have leverages at all. So, you should try various brokers and always pay attention to leverages. Brokers always point this information because it's considered to be general. In my opinion, high leverage is such a thing which you should pick on your risk. If you're able to take such high risks on yourself and you realize all the consequences of taking such risks, then just try to find brokers in the internet or on various forums in special branch. Something like that.

Oct 21 at 15:11
124 příspěvků
and what options have you already tried? Or have you already chosen some one?

Oct 21 at 18:05
3 příspěvků
tts_markets posted:
Hi all, I'm looking for stable MT5 forex brokers with high leverage. Any recommendations?
Locations can be anywhere.

I heard some brokers have banned accounts/blocked money/issues before.
Anyone encountered these in recent years?
Know who?

Go for any FCA regulated broker and your money will be safe.

Oct 21 at 19:17
171 příspěvků
I think 1:500 is as high as anyone should go and there are plenty of brokers that offer that

Oct 21 at 19:26
6 příspěvků
1:1000 is offered by many brokers
without kyc etc, no problems, find your broker

Suradi (FXOday)
Oct 21 at 23:59
165 příspěvků
In my account only use 1:200, the higher leverage that offers is 1:500, but I see there are so many PAMM trader they like to use leverage 1:100, I just thinking if any trader looking broker with high leverage, they will trade high risk like want to use such trading strategy like as martingale or averaging trading system, because this strategy need make more transaction, high leverage allows them to open orders using smallest margin requirement

Oct 22 at 03:34
670 příspěvků
I think 1: 1000 leverage is the best. For trading, however, there is some risk.

Oct 22 at 11:23
337 příspěvků
I wouldn't dabble in risk at all. It might be too dangerous.

Christian Paul (8christianpaul8)
Oct 27 at 17:18
111 příspěvků
IC Markets is a solid broker. I get 1:500 leverage with them. I think most brokers nowadays offer high leverage but stick to best ones.

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
Suradi (FXOday)
Oct 27 at 23:10
165 příspěvků
I don't think choosing leverage 1:1000 is good for a newbie, even it is useless, and harmful account, because high leverage can lead traders to become greedy, over trading and this is not a good way to manage money in the forex trading market, my broker offer leverage to 1:500, but I only choose leverage 1:200, swing trader choose this leverage is enough.

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