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Are you a full time trader?

Oct 04 at 05:35
46 příspěvků
‌‌‌ ‌I've been trading on the side for the last two years. Hoping to make it full time soon.

Oct 04 at 10:49
320 příspěvků
In general, yes, but the situation may require slightly different working conditions.

Oct 04 at 12:23
3 příspěvků
It is possible to be full time trader and have full time job. There is no need to watch charts all day long. Just be a swing trader and trade at night or even better use a forex robot to trade for you

Oct 05 at 05:00
635 příspěvků
To be a full time trader, one doesn't need to trade all the time. Trading is about mindset and trading psychology. A trader should know when he should trade and when he should not trade.

Oct 05 at 09:35
59 příspěvků
@casablance Forex so anyone using automated strategies is a full time trader?

Nov 04 at 18:17
433 příspěvků
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