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90% are loser ..why ?

Sep 19 2022 at 09:36
20 příspěvků
I think failures happen so that we can learn something new and correct our mistakes. They only help us to get better if we are wise enough to learn our lesson. Trading psychology is just as important as the fundamental and technical knowledge in trading. Beginners should also pay attention to managing their emotions along with risk management in order to attain success in the long run.
Sep 20 2022 at 07:18
75 příspěvků
Hurrying for profit will make you embarrassed soon. So, don’t look at it rather focus on trading more and more on demo account to understand the market environment.
Sep 22 2022 at 10:01
25 příspěvků
We all lose some money during the learning process. But a poor risk management plan will just amplify these losses. We should always risk as low as possible until we are confident about our strategy and trading skills. Proper learning and planning is essential for success. And those who expect to become profitable without any hard work will never get success in the long run.
Nov 04 2022 at 04:35
24 příspěvků
Imo, The majority of people lose money in forex trading because they don't have a solid plan or strategy. They may enter a trade based on a gut feeling or a hunch, which is almost always a recipe for disaster. They lack discipline and also tend to neglect risk management while trading forex.
Nov 04 2022 at 06:05
45 příspěvků
I think it’s absolutely fine for a trader to lose money in the forex market because the market is unpredictable and you cannot be sure about its direction to place your trades. So, normalise losing because that’s how you will be able to make money.
Nov 04 2022 at 06:36
702 příspěvků
90% loose that's why 10% gain in forex. The logic is simple and everyone can't make profit since forex market is a zero sum game.

You can't make money from nothing. Someone has to loose on one side for someone else to gain.
Artificial General Intelligence
Nov 06 2022 at 09:27
617 příspěvků
Forex education should be made compulsory for traders. Otherwise, traders will fall into eternal losses. There are different forms of education available now and achieving it has become quite easier.
Jan 19 at 14:05
21 příspěvků
90% probably because new traders are eager to start earning money, its exciting, so they jump into it without proper education, not learning about strategies, market conditions, news, not practising on demo and not starting small.
Jan 21 at 12:49
134 příspěvků
Most of the time, the reason is quite simple. This is either a lack of experience, or too risky decisions.
Ester (Cothurnal)
Jan 27 at 17:28
15 příspěvků
Because they are trying to trade on their own, rather than using the services of a professional manager.
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